Make That Date With Mobile Data -Motorola's World-First Demonstration of e-Commerce Using WAP Over a Live GPRS Network is Just the Ticket

Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is once again proving its leadership in the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) mobile data arena with a world first demonstration of mobile e-commerce using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) over a live GPRS network. Delegates from GSM network operators around the world could make a date at the Motorola's Network Solutions Sector (NSS) technical symposium `Expanding Horizons', using Motorola's complete end-to-end GPRS network solution.

Using Motorola's concept mobile ticketing solution, delegates at the Barcelona event can purchase tickets to local entertainment using Motorola's WAP-enabled GPRS handsets and wireless Internet GPRS network.

Using a web based portal, subscribers can enter their preferences, credit card details and personal tastes for an evening at the theatre, cinema or any another social event of their choice via Motorola's concept solution and have tickets delivered directly to them in Barcelona. The system simply requires the user to enter particular preferences on the portal, such as number of seats, preferred location, type of entertainment, costs and even seating plans if required.

Motorola, together with several partners including and Invisix(TM), the Motorola/Cisco joint venture, have implemented a complete intelligent wireless Internet solution for the Barcelona event. The system acts as a reverse auction agent that seeks out the best options, from a range of preferred suppliers, and informs the user directly via mobile phone of the choices available based on their criteria. The system provides the option for instant booking confirmation, via the mobile handset and secure e-commerce technology. Simple, secure, live transactions, with automatic credit card payment on transaction confirmation.

"For the end user, the combination of these enablers and GPRS represents a leap forward in harnessing the benefits of the mobile Internet," said Moe Grzelakowski, senior vice president and general manager of Strategic Marketing for Motorola NSS.

The system gives consumers the freedom to enter in their preferences and personal information on a web based portal and personalisation engine, and then to be informed when a solution matching those requirements is identified by the intelligent system. Details are sent straight to the mobile terminal for confirmation.

"This gives the consumer the ultimate in control and information flow and takes best advantage of GPRS, which provides a virtual permanent connection. Although this is a proof of concept demonstration, the basic architecture can be made into a robust and carrier grade solution for our operators, giving them the competitive edge in their market," said Grzelakowski.

The solution can benefit operators by providing added value to the service proposition by potentially reducing churn and increasing average revenue per user.

To deliver the demonstration solution, Motorola teamed with, a leading ASP provider of ticket sales solutions in Europe. is already live in the UK, Benelux and Spain, and is expanding rapidly across Europe with a range of innovative solutions for those venues who want a complete e-commerce solution for ticket sales.

"As people's lifestyles change, so too must the technology that supports their needs. Through this demonstration, Motorola can showcase the benefits of providing mobile access to thousands of venues and events across Europe whenever and wherever required. The power of WAP is its ability to provide consumers with information immediately that is directly related to their location. This is an important development for the leisure industry because it is more convenient for consumers," said Matthew Hare, managing director of

"In the future, we can see our customers updating event information directly from Motorola's WAP-enabled wireless devices. And the consumer will be able to receive personalised alerts on their phones from their favourite venues to remind them about an event they have booked or bookmarked, all at the touch of a button," said Hare.

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