MATERNA Information & Communications Chooses Baltimore Telepathy for Secure WAP Mobile Commerce Solution

Baltimore Technologies (NASDAQ:BALT; London:BLM), a global leader in e-security solutions, today announced that MATERNA Information & Communications, the world leading provider of mobile value added service solutions, has chosen the Baltimore Telepathy product range to build full strength security into its WAP gateway.

Using Baltimore Telepathy, MATERNA will integrate security into its Anny Way Corporate and Carrier Gateways, offering users a complete secure connection for mobile commerce.

MATERNA licensed the award-winning Baltimore Telepathy WAP Security Toolkit (WST) to provide full strength WTLS security, offering complete secure connections from the mobile phone to the WAP gateway. MATERNA's new WAP Gateway will enable network providers to offer secured value-added services to mobile customers by ensuring secure communications and transactions from the end-user to existing e-commerce and IT systems. A key component for a secure mobile offering is the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which provides enhanced authentication and non-repudiation functionality through the use of digital certificates.

"Baltimore Technologies is at the forefront of building wireless PKI products and services that allow users to perform a secure mobile commerce transaction. Baltimore's continued development of easy-to-use and flexible products was at the heart of our decision to license their technology," said Helmut an de Meulen, Chief Executive Officer of MATERNA.

WAP-enabled mobile phones are on sale, with manufacturers announcing new models on a regular basis. Baltimore Technologies and MATERNA are strategically positioned to offer users the most comprehensive solutions available today. "We believe the compatibility restrictions associated with proprietary add-on features simply go against the grain of the open WAP standard. The aim has to be to support all WAP-compatible phones and terminals," says Helmut an de Meulen, Chief Executive Officer of MATERNA.

The Baltimore Telepathy WST is a powerful software development kit allowing application developers to create secure encrypted sessions between on-line networked applications. It is part of the Telepathy family of products offered by Baltimore Technologies to enable secure mobile Commerce via a range of current and future technologies, including WAP. Baltimore Telepathy products tackle the specialized issues relating to the handling of digital certificates, digital signatures and strong encryption in a wireless environment and linking mobile Commerce security to the standard security infrastructures for Internet business based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

In addition to its deployment of the Baltimore Telepathy WST, MATERNA has also signed an agreement to join the Baltimore Telepathy partner program which will enable it to offer Baltimore's complete range of wireless e-security products and services, including the full Telepathy product family, to its customer base.

"MATERNA is one of the leading mobile telecommunications solutions providers worldwide. Baltimore is delighted with the speed with which MATERNA embraced the Baltimore Telepathy Partner Program through licensing our wireless security products. Together we have made significant progress in enabling secure wireless transactions and true mobile-commerce," said Mr. John Fallon, Director of Technical Market Development at Baltimore Technologies.

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