MobileEngines Partners With Leading Internet Entertainment Brands to Create First Mobile Entertainment Engine

Content from,,, Musicblitz and enables first interactive mobile entertainment service

MobileEngines(TM), a leading mobile application service provider (ASP), today announced content partnerships with five leading Internet entertainment brands including,,, Musicblitz, and Under these partnerships, MobileEngines will power mobile entertainment content and applications through the MobileEngines Serious Fun Engine(TM), a powerful mobile entertainment portal that offers innovative entertainment services to Internet-enabled cell phones, PDAs and pagers.

"As an entertainment company we are always looking for compelling ways to offer new and exciting services," said Mitchell Rubenstein, chairman and CEO of "With the MobileEngines Serious Fun Engine, we can put our content and services directly into the hands of consumers."

The Serious Fun Engine seamlessly ports unique content or translates existing Web content directly to consumers' Internet-ready mobile devices. MobileEngines not only takes the Web wireless, but it adds valuable content, applications and e-commerce capabilities that go beyond the Internetlike two-way functionality, and interactive ratings and transactions. The Serious Fun Engine then aggregates these best-of-breed entertainment content and services into a well-formed and easy to navigate mobile entertainment service.

Each partner brings a powerful entertainment service to the Serious Fun Engine including:

- unique television-related content such as previews, reviews and information

- movie news and information including show times, theater locations and other entertainment news

- nationwide concert and event listings

- Musicblitz: the best selection of exclusive music downloads from established artists.

- news and information for the hip hop community

Combined with valuable interactive services and mobile commerce capabilities, the Serious Fun Engine offers wireless carriers and dot-com content providers a well-formed entertainment engine that can be customized to fit customers' needs.

"Mobile entertainment services are rapidly emerging as the next killer application for the mobile environment," said Patrick Boyle, president and CEO of MobileEngines, Inc. "However, the challenge for content providers and carriers alike, is bringing these services together into easy to navigate environments. Our partnerships with these leading Internet entertainment brands are perfect examples of how best-of-breed content and services can be aggregated to offer an extremely robust mobile entertainment service."

The MobileEngines Platform uses intelligent agent technology to translate and port standard HTML Web sites and content to mobile data devices. MobileEngines uses WAP (wireless applications protocol) and other wireless protocols to move information and services to a variety of wireless devices.

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