mobileID Launches Free Wireless WAP Service in Europe Offers Users Comprehensive Email Services and WAP Browser for PALM Computing

mobileID, Inc., the world's first wireless mobile portal to provide access to email and personalized Internet content and applications to mobile phones and PDAs, launches its free mobileID wireless service to European customers. The service provides truly personalized WAP applications and content, as well as direct access to IMAP4 and POP3 email, direct from a user's mobile phone or other wireless handheld device. The new service works with any carrier, handset, or WAP browser and is network independent to allow users unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

"mobileID has established itself as a major player in a crowded wireless marketplace through it's personalization platform," says J. Gerry Purdy, President & CEO of Mobile Insights, a Mountain View, California-based market research firm. "We believe that expansion into European markets will help position mobileID as a formidable global player," Dr. Purdy adds.

mobileID aggregates and categorizes wireless Internet content and applications to provide users access to a wealth of information anytime, anywhere from any Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled device. To allow users the most comprehensive information available, the company offers thousands of unique, personalized content and application channels that provide superior content compared to traditional news, sports and weather information that is more commonly available. The company, which acts as a wireless application service provider (ASP), has partnered with leading Internet content and e-commerce providers to aggregate content and extend a variety of e-commerce Internet models to users of wireless devices. Patent-pending personalization filters and content reformatting technology allow users to create a profile of their location, interests and personal information to ensure that they get information that meets their particular needs.

"The leaders of the wireless web will have to cross the borders of their own country to sustain a long term competitive advantage," said David Hayden, President & CEO of mobileID. "Our support for virtually every major carrier, handset, network and WAP browser, extended to the European markets, will be instrumental in making our personalization platform pervasive," Hayden adds.

After signing up, mobileID users get a personalized mobileID email and Web site address for life. The messaging service lets users receive personal or corporate e-mail, access personalized content and application channels and directly access Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and other email services. The smart mail forwarding feature intelligently routes emails sent to a universal address to a subscriber wherever he is. The online address book lets users publish their contact information to their circle of contacts to simplify communications. Initially available in English speaking countries, the service will be extended to support French, German, Swedish and Finnish later this year.

Users will also be able to use mobileID's free WAP browser for PDA's based on the Palm Computing operating system. The browser, which was developed in conjunction with AUS AB of Sweden, lets users access content that adheres to the WAP standard from a variety of devices including the Palm, the Handspring Visor, the IBM Workpad, and the TRG Pro.

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