MobileSys Introduces MobileSys MX, a Two-Way Wireless Data and Messaging Solution for the Enterprise

Fourth Generation Data/Messaging Engine Supports Industry's Broadest Set of Enterprise Applications and Wireless Devices

MobileSys, Inc., a leader in global wireless solutions for the enterprise, today introduced MobileSys MX, its new scalable, two-way wireless messaging engine. Targeted at Fortune 1000 enterprises, MobileSys MX is a software solution that enables corporate applications -- such as email, network management, customer call center, sales force automation and others -- to instantly communicate with a variety of data-enabled wireless devices including digital cellular phones, one- and two-way pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). For more information on how to evaluate the software visit the corporate web site at

Increasing Demand for Wireless Data

According to analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of users with inbound and outbound information services and Internet messaging will grow by more than 720 percent between 1999 and 2003. In the US alone, this equals a growth in total number of users from approximately 7.4 million to 61.5 million users by 2003.

"With the growth in Wireless Internet access, it is clear that the enterprise will be one of the major beneficiaries of new wireless productivity solutions," said Iain Gillott, Vice President of Worldwide Consumer & Small Business Telecom at IDC. "The trick is to provide services that link the enterprise IT environment with a variety of mobile devices, not just mobile handsets or pagers, but rather all types of devices that various professionals use."

Universal Wireless Solution

MobileSys MX supports the widest range of data formats and messaging protocols in the industry, providing worldwide connectivity. This broad protocol set supports two-way messaging on all major wireless data networks around the globe, including Vodafone, SprintPCS, AT&T Wireless, GTE Wireless, WeblinkWireless, Skytel, Nextel and others. Support for the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), the leading standard for connecting wireless phones and devices to the Internet for accessing text-based content and services, is expected by the end of the year.

"MobileSys MX will become the new lingua franca of wireless communications," said David Coelho, MobileSys founder and chief executive officer. "We are taking the complexity out of building a wireless messaging system and providing the enterprise with a reliable, global, two-way messaging solution that is protocol-, service provider- and device-independent."

Reliable, Scalable, Easy to Integrate

MobileSys MX is a scalable server solution designed to manage millions of message recipients across the globe over virtually any wireless protocol and service provider, ensuring mobile users receive information when and how they need it. MobileSys MX supports a server capacity of more than three million wireless devices, with a sustained rate of 200 messages per second, which can be easily increased by adding additional servers. MobileSys MX also supports distributed and redundant servers, giving global enterprises the ability to build and deploy a scalable, robust and mission critical wireless data platform.

The MobileSys MX architecture contains real-time Quality of Service features, which record critical message delivery status, time of delivery information and recipient response time. MobileSys MX is designed to easily integrate into enterprise applications through the use of an SQL database and the support of industry standards such as XML, Perl and Java.

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