Motorola and Movicom/BellSouth First to Deliver Wireless Internet to Argentina

Movicom Deploys First Argentinean Service Using Motorola's MIX Communications Platform

Motorola (NYSE:MOT) together with wireless carrier Movicom/BellSouth today announce the availability of wireless Internet service in Argentina -the nation's first such deployment. Using Movicom/BellSouth's service, subscribers are now able to view Internet content and other data on the display of their Internet- enabled wireless phones. The service is powered by Motorola's Mobile Internet Exchange™ communications platform, also known as the MIX™ platform, an Aspira™ feature server. It is an end-to-end solution, which seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure technology to simplify the delivery of Internet and wireless data services.

Movicom/BellSouth's service enables mobile users in Buenos Aires to access email, address book, calendar and to-do list information from their personal information manager (PIM), and compatible Internet content. Examples of content include: local and country news, financial information, events, weather, horoscopes, restaurants, entertainment, sports, tourist information, and games. Subscribers are able to view this information via the display of browser-enabled wireless phones, available for consumer sale at Movicom/ BellSouth retail store locations.

Movicom/BellSouth's wireless network is based on PCS CDMA infrastructure. The company plans to expand its network and wireless Internet offering nationwide.

"Motorola is focused on delivering wireless Internet services to carriers and their customers worldwide," said Mike Maloney, General Manager, Americas Solutions, Motorola Personal Networking Group. "Motorola's MIX platform is a complete solution that can bridge the power of the Internet to the mobile community. We are thrilled about partnering with Movicom/BellSouth to implement their vision for the wireless Internet."

"We are excited about offering access to data and Internet content because it helps us differentiate ourselves from our competition. Using Motorola's solution, Movicom has been able to position itself as the leader in wireless Internet in Argentina", said Marcelo Finkielsztoyn, Value Integration Manager of Movicom/BellSouth.

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