Nokia Introduces Developer Tools and Service Platform for Interactive Entertainment On Internet-connected Mobile Phones

Nokia Mobile Entertainment Toolkit Eases Development of WAP-based Gaming Applications

Nokia, a pioneer in the development of mobile Internet technology, today at E3 introduced Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service, which allows game application developers and online content publishers to create interactive entertainment for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled mobile devices. Ultimately the service will be offered by mobile network operators to their customer base.

The Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service was created to realize the concept of a commercially oriented wireless networked game and entertainment service. Nokia will provide demonstrations of the Mobile Entertainment Service at E3 at the Nokia booth #7143 in Kentia Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center and in the working press room during show hours.

The Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service is another step in Nokia's global vision of a mobile information society where the combination of mobility and the Internet is anticipated to create an explosion of new services. By the end of 2003, Nokia has estimated that more people will access the Internet via a mobile handset versus a PC.

The Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service development tools allow game application developers and online content publishers a simpler way to create interactive entertainment or "entertainment on the move" for WAP enabled mobile phones. The Nokia Entertainment Developer Program delivers information, software tools, and support for developers who want to commercialize new products for the mobile entertainment market.

Nokia's Entertainment Developer Program supplies a Game Construction Toolkit, Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs), documentation and sample source code for applications. It enables companies to choose a tailored set of support and services according to their needs. The Nokia Games Construction Toolkit makes developing WAP-based applications significantly easier by shortening development time. Additionally, the tools provide functionality for creating multi-player games, authentication, and session management.

The Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service will enable mobile network operators to provide more comprehensive, value-added services to their customers via the platform, hosting, facilitation and content.

"Nokia believes there is tremendous potential for mobile entertainment - and there is market opportunity for everyone involved. For example, wireless carriers will be able to offer consumers, who have long enjoyed Internet gaming on a PC, the ability to enjoy interactive entertainment on their WAP-enabled mobile phones," said Pertti Lounamaa, vice president, Nokia Internet Communications.

"With the Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service, game application developers and content publishers can enter the mobile Internet and WAP market. In addition, the Nokia Mobile Entertainment Service enables them to join forces with Nokia to drive this rapidly-emerging market forward. The opportunities for mobile games are limitless and we want to help developers grasp them," he added.

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