Opera Software Announces Release of Opera For Windows 4.0 Beta 4 -- The First Windows Browser With WAP-WML Capability

Opera Software is proud to announce Beta 4 of the Opera for Windows 4.0 browser. Beta 4 includes experimental support for WAP-WML.

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol; it gives devices access to information written in the Wireless Mark-up Language (WML). Many WAP-WML sites are available on the Internet, but ordinary browsers cannot access them.

"Opera 4.0 gives Web users access to WAP services, opening up a whole new frontier for the entire WAP industry," says Hakon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software. "Opera's formatting engine is very fast and flexible."

With the added support for WML, Opera Software re-affirms its position as a technological leader in the Internet browser market. The Opera browser combines Internet standards-compliance with fast and effective graphics and text layout, giving the Opera user a better Internet experience.

"Part of the Opera vision is to make the Internet open and accessible to all," says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO Opera Software, "The ability to surf WAP-WML sites is a natural part of this."

Opera for Windows 4.0 beta 4 includes the following features:

E-mail, faster rendering speed, small size, low resource requirements, plug-in support, standards-compliance, 128-bit encryption, TLS, SSL 2 and 3, CSS1, CSS2, XML, HTML 4.0, HTTP 1.1, WML, ECMAScript and JavaScript 1.3.

Beta 4 can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial period at http://www.opera.com/download

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