PHONE.COM'S UP.LINK SERVER AND UP.BROWSER TO BE USED IN AT&T DIGITAL POCKETNET(SM) SERVICE, Inc. (Nasdaq: PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet software, applications and services, announced today that AT&T Wireless Group (NYSE: AWE) will be using the™ UP.Link™ Server to deliver wireless Internet access to AT&T Digital PocketNet(SM) service customers as it begins rolling out its national service today. AT&T will use the UP.Link gateway to offer a suite of wireless data and Internet applications.

AT&T subscribers will now be able to access the AT&T Digital PocketNet service applications and the Internet using two new digital, wireless, multi-network phones: the Mitsubishi handset model T250, and the Ericsson handset model R280. These new dual band, "Quad Mode" phones both use the™ UP.Browser and will offer quick access to one of the world's largest digital wireless networks, including Web content, email, calendar, and other corporate data.'s Developer Program is providing technical support to Web and application developers who wish to tailor their applications to AT&T Digital PocketNet service. The UP.SDK™ software developer kit provides full support for AT&T's advanced packet-based Wireless IP network and phones. UP.SDK allows Internet-based applications to "push" urgent notifications and information directly to PocketNet Service phones. UP.SDK is available free-of-charge at

"AT&T has been an important partner of's since 1996, and we are delighted to continue to power their PocketNet offering," said Ben Linder, vice president of marketing for "AT&T's Wireless IP network provides excellent capabilities to both consumers and business users, including fast response time, excellent alert capabilities, and cost effectiveness." has licensed its UP.Browser microbrowser to 30 leading mobile phone manufacturers including Motorola, NeoPoint, Qualcomm, Siemens and Samsung. The addition of's UP.Browser to the Mitsubishi T250, and the Ericsson R280 will enable those phones to deliver standards-based, secure and scalable interactive applications, without adding to their cost or size.'s UP.Link Server has been licensed to 58 network operators worldwide, providing subscribers with live email services as well as Internet and intranet information services and applications.

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