FoneSync Essentials solves a widespread challenge - transferring names and numbers to mobile phones from a PC in seconds, not hours

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (May 31, 2000) ¾, Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of software and applications that enable the delivery of Internet-based information services to mass-market wireless telephones, today announced the immediate availability of FoneSync Essentials™ - a new™ product designed specifically for mobile phone users, allowing two way synchronization of names and phone numbers, between mobile phones and personal computers.

"Mobile phone users need their key names and numbers - friends, family, customers - on their phones, and at their fingertips. FoneSync Essentials closes the divide between the users' existing contact information databases and their mobile phones by rapidly synchronizing the contact data already stored on their PCs directly and quickly with the mobile phones. The data stored on PCs provides a secure backup copy should a phone be lost, stolen or upgraded," said Colin Calder group vice president of Synchronization Products at "The average time it takes a person to enter a single phone number on a mobile phone is 47 seconds. Multiply that by 100 contacts and a lot of time is consumed on a simple task. By synchronizing with PC-based data, the user can transfer as many numbers as the phone can hold in a few seconds, ensuring he has the right numbers in his hand all the time."

FoneSync Essentials supports full two-way synchronization between the major desktop personal information managers (PIMs) such as Microsoft Outlook™, ACT!™, Lotus Notes™, Lotus Organizer™ and Goldmine™. A user can then select a relevant subset of their contact data to synchronize to the phone's memory, making it easy to manage different contact lists for different purposes. National and international travelers benefit from the automated number formatting, which changes the long distance or international dialing prefixes according to whatever geography they choose.

This new version of FoneSync now supports "drag and drop" directly from Internet White and Yellow pages that support vCard format, allowing any useful number to be instantly added to both PIM and phone. The new and increasingly popular vCard format can now be dropped directly into the FoneSync database so that updating records becomes quick and efficient, with synchronization replacing re-keying data into several locations.

FoneSync Essentials directly supports over 150 models of mobile phones, and via the SmartLynx™ SIM Card reader, can support any GSM phone.

FoneSync Essentials will be available in English in most leading software and mobile phone retailers beginning June 1. Starting June 14, FoneSync Essentials will be available in French, German, Italian, Dutch and European Portuguese. Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish languages will be added on July 5. Using the integrated update wizard in Version 3.1, existing users of FoneSync can upgrade to FoneSync Essentials which is available over the Internet.

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