Positive Communications Launches TalkPositive.com, a Wireless E-commerce Portal

Leading Wireless Communications Company Aims to Provide the Ultimate Resource For Mobile Consumers

Keeping track of the wireless communications industry's confusing array of phone models, messaging devices, rate plans, special offers and other services just got easier with the launch of www.TalkPositive.com, a new e-commerce portal offering wireless products and services targeted to mobile consumers in the top 75 U.S. markets.

TalkPositive.com features an easy-to-understand comparison engine that allows users to quickly identify the best products and service plans -- and prices -- to suit their needs. Products offered by the site include leading wireless phones and wireless phone plans from major carriers; pagers and two-way wireless messaging devices and paging service; and phone accessories such as "hands-free" phone kits. Other product lines are planned for later inclusion.

An additional consumer-friendly feature on the site is the monthly bill calculator. The calculator allows users to gauge how much they'll be spending per month on their wireless service based on usage patterns and plan features.

Serious About Customer Service

TalkPositive.com aims to differentiate itself in the market by the quality of its customer support, said Rick Martin, CEO and president of Positive. TalkPositive.com's parent, Positive Communications, Inc. (www.positive.com), has been a leading, national provider of wireless messaging service for eight years. The e-commerce site provides visitors with the ability to talk to trained customer service personnel by phone, email, fax or a "live chat" window allowing shoppers to ask questions and receive immediate answers in a simple text message format.

"TalkPositive.com will leverage Positive's extensive experience in customer support for hundreds of thousands of wireless consumers since 1992," said Martin. "In preparation for the launch of TalkPositive.com, we established and trained a fully dedicated e-commerce customer support group, with the goal of providing the most satisfying total shopping experience to customers as possible.

"Consumers want choices and they want them quickly presented in an easy-to-understand fashion," added Martin. "The bottom line is that TalkPositive.com offers consumers the ability to make informed decisions about their purchases, quickly and easily."

TalkPositive.com is celebrating its grand opening by offering a $50 rebate for qualifying phone purchases. Additional details about the offer may be found on the site.

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