Red-M Set to Provide Mobility in the Work Environment

Newly Launched Company Outlines Wireless Internet Strategy

Red-M(TM), a new company dedicated to the development of advanced wireless Internet server products and subsidiary of Madge Networks N.V. (NASDAQ NM:MADGF), today outlined its strategy for providing advanced mobile data, voice and video communications in the work environment.

The growth in mobile commerce (m-commerce) applications is being driven by the convergence of the traditional Internet and mobile voice markets. The core of Red-M's strategy is to extend the revolution in mobile communications into the office environment.

Red-M is developing wireless Internet server product solutions that provide mobile access to the Internet and Intranet from a wide range of devices including PCs, mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) smart phones and other emerging information appliances.

The products and technology being developed by Red-M are based on Bluetooth, the emerging short-range wireless technology that is backed by more than 1,800 of the world's leading companies. Through a powerful combination of the Linux operating system and Bluetooth technology, Red-M will deliver flexible and feature-rich mobile solutions for work environments that provide an effective platform for the delivery of future m-commerce applications.

Mike Wilson, CEO of Red-M, comments "The products we are developing will help shape the workplace of the future - we are taking mobile voice and data services into the work environment and liberating it from the constraints of fixed-wire networks. We are very excited about the prospect of providing ground-breaking mobile communications and Internet access solutions. Our aim is to become market leader in a sector which is set to undergo tremendous growth over the coming years."

The first products from Red-M are due by the end of this year and the company plans to present capabilities of its new technology and demonstrate a wireless Internet solution at the Bluetooth Congress 2000, in Monte Carlo, 13-16 June 2000

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