SkyGo Unveils Interactive Marketing Platform for WAP-Enabled Mobile Phones

New Company to Launch Trial of Wireless Marketing Service for Advertisers in Summer

SkyGo today announced their formation as a new company dedicated to providing a platform for wireless interactive marketing that will be available for licensing to credit card companies, wireless services providers and Internet companies. Additionally, the company will launch a trial of the platform and services and will test the program with select advertisers, partners and consumers in Boulder, Colo., late this summer.

"Advertisers will need to develop entirely new genres of advertising that take advantage of the mobility, locality and interactivity of the new wireless medium," said Daren Tsui, CEO and co-founder of SkyGo. "SkyGo is able to address these needs with wireless marketing expertise, a new delivery infrastructure and a vast consumer advertising network."

Consumers will be able to select the types of goods and services for which they want to receive offers and marketing messages via their mobile phones. They can view, save and act upon these offers using their phones, and can earn rewards for shopping at select merchants using their credit cards. These rewards can be in various forms, including air miles, points or airtime.

Closed-loop Marketing with Real-time Response

Merchants and advertisers participating in the SkyGo network will be able to send highly targeted marketing messages based on opt-in user profiles and time and location information. Consumers use their credit cards to make purchases, which will allow merchants to measure the ROI of their marketing expenditures, which is difficult to measure with traditional advertising. The SkyGo platform will also allow advertisers to monitor real-time response rates and adjust their messaging to meet real-time market demand. SkyGo will work with its platform customers to ensure the strictest privacy policies for all consumers.

Late-Summer Trial

SkyGo plans to conduct a market trial late this summer in Boulder, Colo. The initial implementation will include 1,000 mobile phone users, a pool of select local merchants and national advertisers, and at least one licensee partner. The three-month trial will be fully monitored and have final findings compiled by a leading research firm focused on local advertising and online commerce. The SkyGo trial is the first-ever test of marketing, commerce, rewards and free WAP-enabled phones for participating consumers.

SkyGo Expertise

The executive staff and board of SkyGo all have backgrounds in online advertising or wireless communications, and many of them have had distinguished careers at the forefront of Internet technology. (Note to editors: See brief overview of staff at the end of this release.)

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