ThinAirApps Introduces ThinAir Server 1.1 for Improved Real-time Wireless Access to Corporate Data

Free Public Beta Test of New Product Available at

ThinAirApps, LLC today announced the public beta version of ThinAir Server 1.1(TM). The product will become commercially available in early June, 2000.

ThinAir Server is a platform that enables secure access to information from a number of wireless devices, in real-time. Version 1.1 of the product extends that access to even more devices than before, now providing support for any Palm VII(TM) handheld, any Palm III(TM) or Palm V(TM) with TCP/IP connectivity or OmniSky(TM) service, any Research in Motion interactive pager with GoAmerica service, and any Internet-enabled mobile phone.

When used in an enterprise environment, ThinAir Server 1.1 is a true wireless extension of a corporate user's desktop, providing mobile professionals with access to any type of corporate data including e-mail, groupware, databases and other internal applications. Users have the ability to read, write, delete, and reply to e-mail, browse public and private folders, look up addresses from a server-based address book, and to create, accept, decline, and look up calendar events.

"The introduction of ThinAir Server 1.1 underscores the company's objective of enabling secure, real-time access to any type of data from any wireless device," said Mark Flaherty, director of product management, ThinAirApps. "The ultimate goal is to make ThinAir Server into a leading platform on which enterprises, technology companies and service providers can base their wireless efforts."

The full suite of ThinAir Server products includes, ThinAir Server for Microsoft Exchange, ThinAir Server for IMAP, ThinAir Server for POP and ThinAir Server for Lotus Domino. The server software is 100% Java-based and is certified to run on the Sun Solaris(TM) 8 Operating Environment.

A free 30-day evaluation of ThinAir Server 1.1 is currently available for download from the company's web site (

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