Vanteon's E-Business Solutions Make MovilGo Wireless Portal a Success

Innovative Site Offers Mobile Computing Resources to Latin America

Vanteon, the national provider of technology engineering solutions for the digital economy, today announced the successful launch of, a comprehensive technology offering that allows Latin American individuals and corporate users of handheld (PDA) devices, Wireless devices (two-way pagers) and WAP (smart phones) to access Web content, corporate data and enterprise applications on the Internet or an Intranet.

Using, Latin Americans will now be able to access information and content geared to their specific needs directly on any wireless device, regardless of the device being a personal digital assistant, a two-way pager or a cellular phone. has established strategic content relationships and telecommunications partnerships to bring this new medium to users throughout Latin America.

MovilGo selected Vanteon based on its proven record of developing and implementing complex Internet and wireless solutions. To establish this portal, Vanteon developed proprietary applications that enable access to Web sites through a WAP phone and the Palmtm Pilot V handheld device. Using this technology, users can access weather information, stocks and other financial information and also check and reply to e-mails. Vanteon is also building applications that will enable e-commerce through these devices. At a simple push of a WAP phone button, users can perform banking transactions, buy books and CDs and query corporate databases.

According to Salvador Jimenez, founder & CEO of MovilGo, "Early on, we recognized that was going to be a major project, bringing complex Web systems and wireless components together into one comprehensive site. We wanted to ensure that we utilized the best technical resources. Working with Vanteon, it was clear that we had made the right choice. They were able to implement both our Internet and wireless solutions."

Vanteon President and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Sacks stated, "MovilGo's innovation has resulted in a comprehensive wireless resource for the growing wireless market in Latin America. We are very pleased to be a part of this innovative site and look forward to continuing our relationship with MovilGo to develop and implement new Intranet technology and features."

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