Wi-LAN Releases New High-Speed Wireless Data Product

New series Hopper Plus 45-36 wireless Ethernet bridge offers high-speed data rates for Internet access and corporate networking

Wi-LAN Inc. (TSE:WIN.), an innovator of high-speed wireless data/Internet communications, today announced the new Hopper Plus 45-36 wireless Ethernet bridge, a system designed to deliver high data rates, scalability, and adjustable area coverage to address the exponential growth of the Internet.

Wi-LAN delivers wireless data/Internet communications products that provide infrastructure and high-speed networking equipment for public and private wireless data networks. Wi-LAN's Hopper Plus 45-36 wireless Ethernet bridge is the ideal global solution for multiple-site information networks, high-speed Internet access, and wireless communications infrastructures.

"Tele2 U.K. has been using Wi-LAN's Hopper Plus for two years now and have had stellar results," said Peter Scrope, Chairman of Tele2 U.K. "This product has allowed us to provide our customers with wireless high-speed Internet access in a licensed band at a low cost."

The upgraded Hopper Plus 45-36 wireless Ethernet bridge operates in the 3.6 to 3.9 GHz radio frequency range with a raw data rate of 4.5 Mbps, and uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology. Wi-LAN engineers have developed protocols such as dynamic polling, zero packet collision, frequency reuse plans, and multiple acquisition codes to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and bandwidth-efficient wireless local loop service. The new features of the Hopper Plus 45-36 wireless Ethernet bridge include downloadable software upgrades and simplified Internet setup, and the product is adaptable to meet varying requirements for coverage in either a point-to-multipoint network or in a traditional link network.

"Wi-LAN engineers have developed the 45-36 bridge to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of data networks using IP protocol," said Bill Hews, president and COO of Wi-LAN. "Wi-LAN now has a product to address the market opportunity for this licensed frequency band in other geographies."

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