Wireless LAN Association -WLANA- to Provide Ultimate Web Resource for Wireless Networking Information

7 New Members Join Organization with Expanded Reach

The Wireless LAN Association (WLANA) today announced a number of changes designed to keep pace with the rapidly growing wireless local area networking industry. In its effort to enhance its role as a worldwide resource on wireless networking technologies, WLANA has allocated additional resources to bolster its presence on the Web and to provide a comprehensive source for wireless networking information. Reflecting the organizations expanding reach, WLANA has added six new members outside the category of wireless LAN product suppliers and has changed the "A" in its name from "Alliance" to "Association" to more accurately reflect it's role as an educational resource for the industry.

Greater web focus to meet expanding information needs

Wireless vendors are experiencing a sharp increase in worldwide interest in wireless local area applications, trends, technologies and products. The increase in global inquiries combined with the frenetic growth within the existing member companies has led WLANA to rely more heavily on the Internet to link information content with intended customers.

"The Wireless Local Area Network market is entering the tornado, and Wireless Personal Area Networks are poised for explosive growth," said Jeff Abramowitz, president of WLANA. "WLANA's goal is to provide information that can reduce confusion in this dynamic market. The emphasis on our web site increases WLANA's ability to deliver information about applications of wireless local area technology in commercial and consumer environments."

"WLANA is adding content and links to convert the web site into comprehensive portal site for the wireless networking industry," said Greg DiCillo, director of WLANA. "This new focus on developing Web content allows us to expand the scope and breadth of information we provide by leveraging the vast resources of wireless networking manufacturers, suppliers, research organizations, working groups and end users. Website updates to this point have included daily wireless networking news links, industry job postings, a guide to wireless networking organizations and links to new wireless LAN case studies."

Name change to reflect mission

WLANA provides education and information about applications, technologies, trends, and companies that are spurring the growth of wireless networking, specifically wireless LANs and wireless PANs. WLANA members have recently agreed to change the name of the organization from the Wireless LAN Alliance to the Wireless LAN Association. The new name will more accurately reflect WLANA's role as a trade association for the wireless networking industry.

7 New Affiliate members expand reach

WLANA has accepted several new members into its Affiliate Membership Program that reflect the broad expansion of the wireless networking industry. The new members include Broad IP, Lantronix, Mind Matrix, The Philips Group, Sybergen Networks, WRQ, and The Walt Disney Company. The Affiliate Membership Program was developed as a method to include companies that do not manufacture wireless products, but have business interests in the wireless networking industry.

"The addition our new affiliate members is a significant development for WLANA", said DiCillo. "Their membership illustrates the wide range of interest of end users, industry researchers, solutions specialists, and software vendors, all of whom have a vital stake in the burgeoning wireless networking industry."

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