Wireless Network System for Fast Internet Access Via Handheld Appliances

Clarinet Systems, Inc., a global provider of wireless connectivity for handheld computers, is now offering a 4Mb version of its one-port wireless Internet and network-access systems, called EthIR LAN(tm).

This new 4Mbps version is a continuation of the company's strategy of providing easy-to-use and maintain wireless network access systems linking users of wireless handheld appliances to the Internet and corporate network in a variety of environments including commercial, professional, industrial, private and public.

As the use of handheld devices in the enterprise increases, users and network administrators are in immediate need of a fast and convenient access to networks. EthIR LAN meets the demands of both. It fits in seamlessly with all existing wiring infrastructures so the network administrator does not need to reconfigure the wiring closet.

"As the workforce becomes more mobile and market acceptance for wireless handheld computers grows, users and network administrators are looking for easy to use and low maintenance solutions for connecting these devices to the Internet and corporate network. The ability to connect all platforms to the network simplifies the job of the network administrator and enhances the productivity of employees giving them access to critical information while in meetings or on the road. Clarinet Systems' wireless networking access systems can be part of an elegant solution providing network access to mobile users," said Rufus Connell, industry manager at Frost & Sullivan in Mt. View, Calif.

The user does not need to learn new protocols, reconfigure software or develop new methods for connecting to the Internet. By taking advantage of the IR port already available on the device, all the user has to do is point, click and send.

"EthIR LAN enhances the convenience and utility of the Palm OS(R) platform by using the built-in IR port to enable users to easily transfer information or quickly update files," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, Director of Platform Development Services at Palm, Inc. "Clarinet Systems' products are yet another example of the Palm economy providing easy, fast access to essential information anytime."

EthIR LAN is platform independent supporting Windows 95/98 and 2000, Windows CE, Palm, EPOC, Linux and MAC operating systems.


Complete Business Solutions Inc. (CBSI) is a large multi-national company with 4,000 consultants spread across the U.S. The consultants frequently work at client sites and use laptops and handheld appliances running on a variety of platforms. When they use the branch network they need easy network connectivity for these devices. After having reviewed various alternatives, they chose Clarinet Systems' EthIR LAN for implementation in all branch meeting and conference rooms.

"Clarinet Systems' products offer us the ability to provide users of palmtop, handheld, and laptop computers instant access to the network without incurring costs on hardware such as flash cards, and cables, costly upgrades and maintenance. Irrespective of the device, our employees are able to connect to the network and obtain access to their emails, schedules and related information using the existing IR ports built into their devices. Information access is crucial to productivity and we believe Clarinet Systems has developed the ideal solution to provide this access at minimal cost," said Robert White of CBSI.

How it works

The EthIR LAN 101 consists of the EthIR Switch(R), which connects to the network, and an EthIR Beam(R) transceiver to provide the wireless link between the user and the Internet or corporate network. The user points the handheld's IR port at the EthIR Beam, which is connected to the EthIR Switch via a cable. The Beam sits on the desktop or conference table (or any other convenient location) for easy access by the user. The Switch receives the signal from the Beam and sends it to the host system via Ethernet. IR conversion to Ethernet is done inside the Switch.

Connection is automatic as it assigns the device an IP address enabling network access.

Pricing and availability

Available through distributors and resellers, EthIR LAN is priced at $ 249.00. Pricing includes the EthIR Switch and EthIR Beam.

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