Xift: Wireless Web Comes Out Of Beta; 'All the Web Broken Down Into Phone Sized Pieces'

Xift Brings the Web to WAP

Xift is coming out of its month long Beta where industry partners evaluated Xift's revolutionary technology that re-purposes the Web onto phones by understanding what pages are about. You can find this service at wap.xift.com.

Wireless is the future of the Internet. There are 400 Million cell phone users today ,projected to be 1 Billion by 2003. Many think that in 2003 the number of wireless clicks will surpass the number of net clicks. With this shift to the wireless internet, there is a need for a better user experience. Xift delivers.


There are only a handful of WML sites to see with your phone. With Xift you can look at any page on the Web, or perform any Web search from your phone. We bring you the other billion HTML pages -- in a usable way. We summarize search results into a hierarchy automatically telling you the range of topics covered by your search. When you ask for a page, we summarize the page live - on the fly. Summarization is necessary for wireless devices because they have such a limited screen size. We are language independent - important for foreign markets where wireless has taken off.

"The Web is a messy place, finally someone is tidying it up" says Anna Patterson, CEO of Xift. We tidy the Web, and summarize it to make it usable on a small screen.

Key Features

We extract concepts and a hierarchy automatically from the Web to summarize the Web related to a search, When you choose a page, we automatically summarize the page on-the-fly, and gives links to each part. This patent pending "Jump Page" means you can get to the right spot in a page and bypass the chaff. We even tailor the "Jump Page" to your search.

Our search is tailored to phones. Xift returns pages with content, not good starting places to surf with lots of links but no facts. We only return pages that look good on the phone, so you don't get error messages about a page not being viewable.

We fetch pages live and re-render forms, frames, image maps, even without alt tags. Did you know that 12% of all web traffic is based around forms? Much of the information needed by wireless users will use forms. With Xift, phone users are now first class citizens on the Web.

With Xift, the Web is just as usable on the phone as it is on your desktop.

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