Yodlee.com Selected by OmniSky to Bring Next Generation Personalization Services to Palm V Users

Yodlee Provides Summarized, Wireless Access To Personal Account Information From Over 1,200 Web Sites

Yodlee.com(TM), pioneer of the e-Personalization Platform, and OmniSky Corporation, the provider of a complete wireless Internet service for handheld devices such as the Palm V, today announced a relationship that will substantially expand the personal content and services available to OmniSky's rapidly growing mobile user base.

Through the agreement, OmniSky subscribers will have instant one-click access to their consolidated personal account information, from over 1,200 Web sites, including bank balances, travel reservations, bills, stock portfolios, and more. Launched today, OmniSky's complete wireless Internet service includes user interface software that makes it easy to access a vast amount of web content and provides a fast, streamlined way to send and receive email with a wirelessly enabled Palm V. The Yodlee e-Personalization Platform enables users to simplify their life by providing access to their personal accounts, whether they're on the Web or on the go.

"The OmniSky service opens up the wireless Web for Palm V users, and Yodlee2Go services deliver truly meaningful content, optimized to meet the needs of today's mobile user," said Jim Taschetta, vice president of marketing at Yodlee.com. "We're excited to team up with OmniSky to combine the power of their distribution and complete wireless experience with the strength of our personalized content capabilities."

"Yodlee's unique ability to aggregate highly relevant, personalized content, combined with our turnkey wireless service, offers a very compelling solution for today's mobile users," said Barak Berkowitz, president of OmniSky. "We're pleased to be working with Yodlee to enrich the wireless experience for users of handheld devices."

Through the agreement, Yodlee will be showcased in OmniSky's Portal channel. Yodlee was selected for its ability to provide a wealth of personal content to OmniSky users. Subscribers can access Yodlee's services by tapping on the Portal channel on the OmniSky wireless home page.

Yodlee's Yodlee2Go mobile/wireless services give mobile users the option to disseminate their personal information directly into native applications on the device, such as the Date Book, Memo, and To Do applications on the Palm, in addition to the ability to view their information wirelessly using the OmniSky high-speed modem. For example, when Yodlee users book a travel reservation online, Yodlee2Go can automatically make an entry in the appropriate dates and times in the Date Book. Yodlee2Go users can also check out their travel details, including flight itinerary, car and hotel reservations, and financial account status real-time -- all with a single, secure log-in.

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