Kanakaris Wireless Makes History Presenting Meiselman-Rede Media Group's Short Form Shows On Demand in Your Hand

"Paris Falls" To Be World's First Syndicated TV Program available on Hewlett-Packard's Jornada 545 Wireless Pocket PCs

Internet visionary Alex Kanakaris, CEO of Kanakaris Wireless, (OTCBB:KKRS), creates an entertainment and technological marriage that will reach a vast audience with Meiselman-Rede Media Group's digital content.

This past week has been a Hollywood dream for Meiselman-Rede Media Group by being a part of a milestone in the technology revolution. WEAR(TM) is the Kanakaris acronym for a new form of mobile entertainment content. With WEAR, Hewlett-Packard's Jornada 545 Pocket PC is about to break the visual barrier of all time ... the very first syndicated television program available on wireless PCs -- with "Paris Falls" produced by Meiselman-Rede Media Group. "We were there at the very beginning in delivering movies and books directly over the Internet and now it's time to take the Kanakaris content, already viewed in over 100 countries, to the next plateau -- wireless, hand-held delivery," said Alex Kanakaris, CEO.

The pioneering duo, producer/writer team of David Meiselman and Roy Rede in a span of two weeks, have had quite a bit of history-making for their innovative production company. Last week they signed a 5-picture deal, to produce a new form of highly interactive feature films with multimedia spin-offs, including TV syndication, with Kanakaris Wireless in Costa Mesa, Calif. -- the world's leader in Internet distribution of full-length motion pictures in multiple bandwidths. This week, they create a historic coup for their 2-minute racy claymation-esque soap opera with puppets, the show that takes place in America's demented town of "Paris Falls."

"It's all moving faster than anyone thinks," stated Rede. Microsoft's Bill Gates indicated recently in Chicago that everyone will soon be fully operating on wireless. But Rede's comment refers to both the speed of technological advances as well as what's happening for Meiselman-Rede Media Group.

The Jornada 545 is about the hand-held size of a TV remote and can do an array of tasks for the fast-tracked person `wanting it all' -including TV programming. "Paris Falls" will debut as a new cutting-edge digital form of animation with puppets, further creating a tech-frenzy! Through a desktop computer, users can transfer word processing documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, maps, Web pages and books, to the Jornada, then read them later on the color screen, all while having a wonderful organizer in one.

Music enthusiasts will rejoice in being able to enjoy digital music in the MP3 format without having to acquire additional software with the bonus of a built-in audio recorder working similarly to a Dictaphone ... so one can even 'sing' a reminder note or new composition. For the elementary tech-head, the bonus is the ease of being able to comprehend the Pocket PC interface in the user-friendly Windows format appearance.

"We're part of history and I'm excited about it," exclaimed Meiselman. "Parisfalls.com" (currently airing on KKRS.net & Cinemapop.com) which received rave reviews and attention at NATPE in New Orleans earlier this year, has acquired media attention from members of the foreign press, several dot com media outlets, Ed McMahon, applauding cheers of celebrity support from Don King, Gloria Allred, Robin Givens, Carol Alt and Louie Anderson, to name a few.

The TV show proudly boasts to be "family television" -- without any swearing or graphic sex acts, and is multi-cultural, casting a variety of minority puppets tackling edgy themes and mind-moving messages -- now in the pockets of the gadget-greedy!

The soap opera features real-life celebrity soap actor, Dirk Terracotta who portrays photographer "Brad Brickman" on the "Paris Falls" show within a show, "Forest Woods", Dirk's acting career was launched after being discovered modeling for the renowned Sache Modeling Academy.

David Meiselman is a Nuyo-Puerto Rican Chicago-born producer, director and editor who has produced the critically acclaimed film "Fish Out of Water" and whose 10-year career boasts numerous credits including live theater in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Roy Rede is a writer, songwriter/producer and production designer, whose credits include production design for the Emmy award-winning special "The NFL on Fox," and award-winning commercials (McDonalds, Miller Beer), TV series (HBO's "Mr. Show," Comedy Central's "Strip Mall") and songwriting/production for platinum-selling artists Dolly Parton, Nanci Griffith, and Jane Olivor.

Together, Meiselman-Rede have collaborated on other projects including "Outside Zander" and are currently in production on a new film, a murder-mystery psychological thriller, "Murder in Stone Canyon."

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