AdForce and Team to Extend Personalized Advertising to the Mobile Internet

AdForce, LLC(TM), a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc., and a leading online provider of centralized, outsourced ad management and delivery services, and, creators of personalization, content and commerce management and delivery solutions for the mobile Internet, announced today that they have entered into an agreement to develop technology designed to enable businesses to send personalized advertising messages to targeted consumers over wireless devices.

The AdForce and solution is expected to provide companies with an advertising vehicle that is highly targeted and more efficient than traditional advertising mediums. This alliance expects to make it possible for businesses to personalize messages and send them to a self-selected audience. The AdForce and wireless solution also is expected to enhance the consumer experience by giving users more control over the advertising and offers they receive.

"The AdForce relationship brings us one step closer to our goal of translating Internet advertising models to the wireless market and establishing standards for this emerging industry," said Russell Glass, CEO at "AdForce is a natural choice to work with because they are a proven leader in ad management and delivery services for both PC-based and wireless Internet users."

"AdForce's success with our end-to-end ad management and delivery solution is based on our technology focus, industry-leading reliability and continuous innovation," said Chuck Berger, CEO of AdForce. " has developed a very versatile wireless data delivery technology. Together, we see exciting possibilities in the mobile Internet marketplace for inventive advertising with personalized delivery."

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