Announces an Agreement With TelEvoke to Provide Wireless Messaging Services for TelEvoke Products

Aeris's Network Allows TelEvoke Enabled Products to Notify, Control and Track Virtually Anything From Anywhere, the leading provider of web-to-wireless, machine-to-machine communications, has agreed to become the wireless telemetry network for TelEvoke's Internet and telephony-based applications. This agreement will provide TelEvoke-enabled products with Aeris's low cost MicroBurst(TM) service throughout North America.

By combining Aeris's MicroBurst network and TelEvoke services, subscribers will be able to receive alarm and report notifications, such as a car alarm activation or an airbag deployment; control devices such as home security systems, thermostats, or VCRs; or track a stolen or misplaced car, briefcase, notebook computer or even a pet. Notifications will be delivered to the customer via telephone, e-mail, or a page.

TelEvoke provides Web, telephony, wireless and billing services to manufacturers in the automotive security, home security, personal electronics and mobile communications industries. In turn, manufacturers offer subscribers product-related services including notification, control and tracking.

"TelEvoke is harnessing MicroBurst web-to-wireless remote control services in very innovative ways to bring machines closer to people," said Wade Vesey, vice president of sales and marketing at "We are impressed with the management team's experience, especially in the area of software development to enable applications to quickly get to market. They truly represent a new age, software-centric wireless data developer."

"TelEvoke is excited to incorporate Aeris's MicroBurst network into our Internet and telephony services," said Rick Bently, founder and CEO of TelEvoke. "After thoroughly testing the technology, we concluded that it is robust and dependable. By incorporating MicroBurst service into current and future TelEvoke services, developers manufacturing notification, control and tracking devices for mobile and fixed assets throughout North America can focus on creating innovative products with the assurance that they will be accessible anywhere around the world."

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