Agilent Technologies and Silicon Wave Align to Deliver Bluetooth Technology Test Solutions

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A), in a move designed to enable next generation wireless communications, has signed an alliance with Silicon Wave Inc. to deliver standardized Agilent Bluetooth test solutions for Silicon Wave's Odyssey Bluetooth systems-on-chip. The alliance enables Silicon Wave, a leader in providing highly integrated RFICs supporting Bluetooth wireless technology, to bring its designs to market faster as a result of its innovative use of Agilent's application support and test program development tools.

"Our strategic alliance with Agilent is enabling Silicon Wave to supply high-volume, top-quality Bluetooth devices that exceed our customers' expectations," said Dave Lyon, CEO of Silicon Wave.

"We are committed to the delivery of cost-effective Bluetooth technology solutions for high-volume devices," said John Scruggs, senior vice-president and general manager of Agilent's Automated Test Group. "As a known entity in the test and measurement arena, we are further committed to reducing the overall business risk of our customers and strategic partners. Moreover, our innovative Worldwide Semiconductor Contract Manufacturing (SCM) program with its global consulting services can serve as a bridge to bring Silicon Wave's designs into high-volume manufacturing while meeting time and cost objectives."

Combining all Bluetooth radio transceiver, synthesizer and modem functions into a 7mm x 7mm package, the Odyssey SiW1501 Radio Modem IC offers robust functionality and superior radio performance in a single chip. The chip uses a 2.4 GHz synthesizer for both transmit and receive functions, with the VCO and resonator fully integrated. Silicon Wave uses direct conversion radio architecture with DAC/ADCs on-board, simplifying the system solution by providing a completely digital interface.

Bluetooth wireless technology enables users to connect a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices easily and simply, without the need to buy, carry, or connect cables. It delivers opportunities for rapid ad hoc connections, and the possibility of automatic, unconscious, connections between devices. It will virtually eliminate the need to purchase additional or proprietary cabling to connect individual devices.

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