@Road Expands LocationSmart Technology Platform To Deliver Location-Specific Content to Wireless Web-Enabled Devices

Company Unveils XML-Protocol Solution for Mobile Access to Location-Specific Content, Including Mobile Yellow Pages; Traffic Reports and Navigation; Infotainment

@Road(SM), a leading Internet information services company that provides location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile commerce, Wednesday unveiled its new technology solution for delivering location-based content to wireless Web-enabled devices.

The new technology application, one of four mobile-commerce application solutions made possible by @Road's patented LocationSmart(TM) technology platform, enables @Road to provide location-specific content via its iLM(TM) Internet Location Manager to any wireless Web-enabled device, including cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptop and notebook computers.

Services that can be offered through the LocationSmart mobile content delivery solution -- which integrates positioning technologies such as GPS, wireless communications and the Internet to transport XML-enhanced, location-specific content -- could include mobile yellow pages, real-time traffic reports and interactive navigation, news and e-mail, and localized information on nearby hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other hospitality services.

"The ability to use a cell phone or PDA to access personalized, location-based information from the Web and corporate intranets is a critical need for people doing business on the road, and our mobile content delivery solution is designed to provide the mobile professional with a fast, reliable link to location-enhanced wireless Web services," said Krish Panu, @Road chairman and CEO.

The @Road LocationSmart Mobile Content Delivery Solution

Through its acquisition of Hynet Technologies and its patented XML content management technology, @Road has integrated XML-transformation capabilities into its LocationSmart technology platform so location-enhanced Web content can be delivered to a variety of wireless devices.

For example, using a WAP- or SMS-enabled wireless device, the mobile professional could link wirelessly to the @Road iLM installed in his or her vehicle. The iLM, which is equipped with an Internet modem and GPS chipset, could provide the wireless connection to the @Road repository of location-enhanced information and services, the wireless Web, and corporate intranets.

In addition, businesses with mobile workforces, such as those currently using the @Road FleetASAP(SM) fleet management service, could also use the @Road iDT(TM) Internet Data Terminal, a wireless messaging appliance which could provide access to location-enhanced content from the Web.

The @Road LocationSmart Platform: Providing Integrated Mobile Commerce Solutions for Businesses, Mobile Professionals and Consumers

In addition to the mobile content delivery application, the @Road LocationSmart technology platform is designed to integrate these m-commerce application solutions:

        -- Mobile Resource Management: Location, monitoring,
           messaging, reporting and maintenance scheduling
           capabilities for businesses with fleet vehicles -- services
           currently offered through @Road FleetASAP -- as well as
           e-mail and access to company intranets.

        -- Mobile Commerce Exchange: Online auctions, reverse
           auctions, marketplace services, forums, and e-mail for
           location-based B2B transactions.

        -- Mobile Business Intelligence: Fleet performance, vehicle
           diagnostic indicators, and maintenance intelligence for
           improved business management.

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