Belkin Components Introduces Its New Line Of eGo Personal Digital Assistant Accessories

Belkin Components, the leading manufacturer of computer cables, Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectivity products, and computer accessories, today introduced its new line of eGo(TM) Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Accessories.

The eGo(TM) line features 8 SKUs and offers the PDA and Palm(TM) user everything to protect, connect, and power-up their PDA. All products will ship September 1, 2000.

With Universal Serial Bus (USB) being the prominent interface for connectivity, Belkin has created the USB-to-PDA Adapter (F5U109). This device features a built-in USB device cable that provides instant plug-and-play connectivity, making it the easiest, most convenient way to synchronize data between a handheld PDA and PC or MAC computer. The USB-to-PDA Adapter works with Palm(TM) Series organizers and other popular handheld PDAs and is equipped with a status LED that lets consumers monitor data transfer activity.

The eGo(TM) line features top-of-the-line "Coach" style fine grain leather cases that incorporate the exclusive Stretch Fit(TM) Universal Design. This means consumers need only be concerned with 2 SKUs when purchasing cases, not 4 to 8 SKUs like other lines. Cases can be purchased in black (F8E391-BLK) and tan (F8E391-TAN) colors, and offers standard tongue-and-loop closures on all models, which is usually reserved for the industry's high-end models. To complement the cases, Belkin offers its Tri-Pack of Flip Covers (F8V6P000) in red, green and smoke. These little gems protect the PDA's screen from damage from dropping and scratches. The Tri-Pack also provides the PDA with a new and vibrant look while attaching and detaching easily for quick changes. The eGo(TM) line includes a Universal PDA Cleaning Kit (F8E629). This screen cleaner is specially formulated to create a protective layer while cleaning. It also reduces pen drag and enhances Stylus-to-Screen communication.

The eGo(TM) line also provides the necessary tools to charge the PDA. The Home and Car Recharging Kit (F8V7P000) converts disposable battery Palm III and VII into a rechargeable battery platform. It includes a car charging kit and converter that allows for plugging into any AC (wall) outlet to charge and features a dual color LED that glows red for charging, and green for when charging is completed. The Palm V Car Charger, D/C (F8V7P001) plugs into any car charging port and charges Palm V series PDAs and also includes a dual LED for battery monitoring. Finally, the Palm V Travel/Home Charger, A/C (F8E4P000-TC) plugs into any AC (wall) outlet and charges Palm V series PDAs. It also includes the dual LED indicator for battery monitoring.

To top it all off, the eGo(TM) line has its own PDA Stylus Pen (F8E709). This high-quality metal styli with hard plastic tip (in a pack of three) replaces any missing Stylus and allows consumers to keep extras on-hand; one for the car, one for the house, and one for the briefcase.

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