Blue Angel Technologies Breaks the Wireless E-Commerce Barrier

Data-Enabled Wireless Applications Over the Net

Blue Angel Technologies, Inc. today took a huge leap over the competition by announcing MetaStar Mobile(TM), a breakthrough wireless e-commerce solution that provides a bi-directional data-enabled platform for the Web.

"First-time viewers of MetaStar Mobile insist that it's magic. We take that as the sincerest form of compliment", said Jim Restivo, Blue Angel's president. "The possibilities for this product are incredibly far reaching. Salespersons can place orders or review customer accounts, repair people and inspectors can enter job ticket information, doctors can review a patient's medical information or order prescriptions from bedside and business travelers can check into their hotel or reserve their rental car as they step off the plane. All this and much more from a wireless hand held device. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination."

Perhaps even more significant than the technology is the fact that Blue Angel has made it incredibly easy to use. Customers can get sophisticated wireless-enabled Internet applications up and running very quickly.

There is no need to hire a stream of system consultants or programmers to design and implement an Internet solution. MetaStar provides these capabilities out of the box. This means that companies are not only able to save time and money but can also gain competitive advantage that would not otherwise be possible.

"The Internet is the killer app for Web-enabled wireless devices and Blue Angel has staked its claim as a leader in this market with MetaStar Mobile", said chief operating officer Jon Riewe. "To accelerate the adoption of net-enabled devices, one needs to be able to access anything desired from the Internet using a mobile device. One day in the not too distant future, wireless devices will outnumber personal computers. For example, by 2003 the Yankee Group estimates that the worldwide installed base of mobile phones alone is expected to explode to 1.4 billion. MetaStar Mobile positions Blue Angel to be a leader in this market".

MetaStar is industrial strength, proven software that is being used around the world with high profile demanding customers like the U.S. Department of Defense, MCIWorldCom, and the Japanese government. "Unlike many start-up companies that have a vision but little else, Blue Angel not only has the vision but the products to back up its vision", said Restivo. "We have spent more than three years methodically developing and improving the software in real-world, demanding applications. MetaStar Mobile is the icing on the cake."

From the beginning, MetaStar products were developed for the Internet. Blue Angel realized early on that the Internet was going to dramatically change society...that organizations could no longer succeed by maintaining an inward focus. It wanted to provide companies, organizations, and individuals a way to gather and share information all over the world - simultaneously. It also wanted to provide an open platform that gave organizations an alternative to legacy systems that locked customers into overpriced, proprietary solutions. "We've done that and MetaStar Mobile expands our capabilities exponentially", stated Restivo.

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