BulletIN.net and Primate Systems Announce Wireless E-mail Software for Palm-based Handheld Computers

Marketing agreement with Vodafone means UK mobile subscribers first to benefit from the service, linking Palm devices and wireless phones

BulletIN.net, a developer and global supplier of wireless Internet products, announced today it has teamed with Primate Systems, Inc. to develop and market new messaging software that allows users of Palm(TM) (NASDAQ: PALM) or Handspring(TM) (NASDAQ: HAND) handheld computers to compose e-mails, forward them via infra-red technology to a wireless phone and then send them to any e-mail user worldwide over existing wireless networks. By transmitting and receiving the e-mail messages via the Short Message Service (SMS) capability inherent in mobile networks, the software solution essentially gives Palm(TM) OS-based devices extended wireless capabilities.

The software, branded BulletIN Palm Messenger, will be marketed initially to Vodafone's (NYSE: VOD) wireless service subscribers in the United Kingdom in the third quarter of this year.

"The BulletIN Palm Messenger provides simpler and more useful communications options for the estimated 300,000 Vodafone mobile subscribers who also use a Palm-based device," said Marlin Nelson, BulletIN.net president. "With Primate Systems' expert software development, we have created a solution that truly adds value and functionality for those who want to stay in touch and manage their e-mail while mobile."

Primate Systems specializes in software solutions that allow users of Palm(TM) OS-based handhelds to send and receive short messages and instant messages directly from their mobile phone. The solution developed by Primate and BulletIN.net simplifies the process for end-users. With BulletIN Palm Messenger, there is no need to enter recipient e-mail addresses or messages on the mobile phone keypad--an often cumbersome task. The solution also allows users to be selective about which messages they receive and when.

"BulletIN.net's existing expertise with wireless Internet messaging is a great fit with our e-mail software development," said Dave Kinsella, sales manager, Primate Systems. "We are excited to be working with BulletIN.net to leverage some of the solutions and base of subscribers they already have in place. BulletIN.net provides a very powerful network services architecture for our handheld applications. We see the bulletIN platform as a great way to improve user power and accessibility in wireless computing."

"We welcome the additional customer value and loyalty as well as the associated incremental revenue gains this software offering from BulletIN.net and Primate Systems provides us," said Paul Donovan, commercial and marketing director, Vodafone UK. "Vodafone continues to offer the most advanced and useful mobile solutions for our customers."

To use the BulletIN Palm Messenger solution, a user composes an e-mail message and chooses the destination address from a drop down list on their Palm(TM) or Handspring(TM) device. The user sends the e-mail from the handheld device to an infra-red-enabled mobile phone. The e-mail travels through the bulletIN messaging gateway, which resides in the wireless service provider's network, and is then sent to the destination. Incoming messages that arrive on the mobile phone can be transferred via infra-red to the handheld device for easier read, store or reply capabilities.

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