Charmed Technology’s New Operating System Targeted at Small Wireless Internet Devices

With NANIX(TM) OS an Internet Enabled Pen is a Reality

LOS ANGELES, Calif., – MIT Media Lab spin-off, Charmed Technology(TM) announced today the development of their new computer operating system NANIX(TM), designed to bring the Internet to small wireless devices. Charmed Technology(TM), poised to become a world leader in affordable, miniature, wireless Internet connected products, services, and technologies, is developing prototypes using NANIX(TM) which will open standards for inexpensive infrastructure development in an effort to bring the wireless Internet to people across the world.

In the years to come, most products will be Internet connected, everything from a pen to a childs toy, says Alex Lightman, Co-founder and CEO of Charmed Technology(TM). With this increased functionality these smart products will be able to communicate with other products and users to download collected information, obtain weather conditions in a particular market, and even remind the user of an afternoon meeting. NANIX(TM) will become the standard operating system for these types of Internet connected devices.

NANIX(TM) is a Linux-based operating system distribution optimized for small wireless Internet devices. Support will be included for power management, wireless connectivity (802.11, IRDA, Bluetooth), and non-conventional input/output such as handheld keyboards, voice-recognition, head mounted displays, and palm-sized LCD monitors. Support will also be provided for cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, MP3 music files, and broadband streaming audio/video. NANIX(TM) can be configured to function on a variety of systems ranging from laptops to small embedded computing devices.

Presently, there is no standard operating system for wireless Internet devices. Because NANIX(TM) is based on an already popular open-source operating system, rapid development time and significant customization of any part of the code is possible. By providing the source code to NANIX(TM), developers all over the world will be empowered to create applications quickly and easily. Current Linux applications will run under NANIX(TM) with little or no modifications.

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