New Company Brings the Internet Everywhere Through Inexpensive, Miniature, Wearable Products

LOS ANGELES, Calif., – MIT Media Lab Spinoff, Charmed Technology is quickly making the ideal of surfing the Web, checking stocks and accessing e-mail from a wireless Internet connected device a reality. The company, poised to become a world leader in affordable, miniature, wireless Internet products, services and technologies, is playing a pivotal role in incorporating the Internet into all aspects of daily life.

Through the company’s innovative wireless mobile technology, Charmed Technology will make it possible to access the World Wide Web anywhere, anytime through smart miniature devices that can be carried or worn. These new products will include everyday objects such as eyeglasses, a necklace, or lapel pin, even a child’s toy.

“Our goal is to bring less expensive wireless Internet to the millions of people who are not yet connected because of expensive infrastructure requirements,” says Alex Lightman, Co-founder and CEO of Charmed Technology. “We plan to completely revolutionize the way people interact with each other through miniature wireless Internet communications that are affordable.”

Fashion Shows

Charmed Technology is showcasing wireless mobile technology through “Brave New Unwired World,” its series of fashion technology showcases featuring products designed by Charmed Technology as well as other leading manufacturers. These shows allow manufacturers to showcase new wireless technology and provide consumers with a glimpse of the future of wireless communication.

“Brave New Unwired World allows Charmed Technology and our sponsors to showcase their wearable wireless and mobile technology in an exciting way that gets attention,” says Katrina Barillova, Co-founder and Vice President of Events at Charmed Technology.

Charmed Badge

Charmed Technology will unveil Charmed Badge, its first product available for distribution at this year’s shows. Charmed Badge is a small device that reads other Charmed Badges via infrared technology. The information collected can be downloaded through a PC serial port resulting in an e-mailed list of relevant contact information.

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