Chrysalis-ITS Joins Radicchio to Further Secure Wireless E-Commerce

Security Specialist Reinforces Commitment to Securing Transactions in Mobile Environment

Chrysalis-ITS, the leading developer of Ultimate Trust(TM) products for e-business and networking today announced it has joined the Radicchio alliance, a global industry initiative promoting security in wireless e-commerce.

The growth of wireless devices is explosive and Chrysalis-ITS aims to ensure that the necessary security infrastructure is in place to enable trusted mobile commerce.

Security issues have been considered to be one of the main obstacles to the successful deployment of wireless e-commerce services. This joint initiative paves the way for rapid growth of global wireless e-commerce services. Chrysalis-ITS plans to provide secure, high performance transaction based security processing platforms to their customers to enable a secure WAP environment opening the door to the future in wireless e-commerce.

"Wireless e-commerce is set to explode across the marketplace in 2000 and a key factor in the success of the many applications that will be introduced this year is ensuring for end-users that their mobile communications are secure," said Steve Baker, President & CEO of Chrysalis-ITS. "We've joined Radicchio to help address the future of wireless e-commerce, and especially the role of trust, in driving its growth. Chrysalis too, will play a key part in that transformation as we develop new products and systems that will help to enable the trust and performance of wireless network security."

As predicted by various industry analysts, the rapid growth in deployment of wireless devices is transforming the way people communicate and conduct business. According to IDC, 55.7 million Internet appliances will ship in 2002, with wireless applications representing nearly 1/3 of that number. In addition, Forrester Research predicts that there will be over 9.3 million online traders by 2001, many of which will be executing transactions from wireless and handheld devices.

For the Internet, an arsenal of tools to protect e-commerce have evolved in a few short years to deal with the security risks -- and public key infrastructures (PKI) look poised to dominate as the system of choice. Chrysalis-ITS PKI trusted hardware systems and Network Security Processors address the security processing requirements of the wireless market enabling the delivery of high-value e-business transactions, including e-mail, banking, finance and other mobile e-commerce applications.

"As a member of Radicchio, Chrysalis-ITS can participate in the driving force for common PKI standards in mobile devices," said Stefan Engel-Flechsig, Sonera SmartTrust's contact for Radicchio. "Chrysalis is pioneering flexible, intelligent security processing, in order for security functions to be built into wireless systems from scratch, to handle the explosive growth analysts expect in wireless transactions."

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