Diversinet And Gemplus Announce Secure Sim Card Implementation For M-Commerce Enabled Devices

Products Broaden the Usage of Diversinet Security Infrastructure

Diversinet Corp., (NASDAQ:DVNT)(CDN:DVNT.) a leading provider of m-commerce security infrastructure solutions, today announces with Gemplus, the world's leading provider of smart card-based solutions, the completion of a joint development project for a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) smart card implementation. The product embeds Diversinet PKI technology on Gemplus' GemXplore Trust(TM) PK-enabled SIM cards. The product is expected to be commercially available at the end of September.

Under the agreement, Gemplus will offer the Diversinet PKI client on the memory-rich GemXplore Trust(TM) SIM card, delivering to Diversinet partners and customers the capability to deploy secure applications utilizing the GSM network through the user's phone handset.

The GSM market has about 330 million subscribers and 366 operators worldwide, and continued exponential growth is expected.

Mobile operators are dealing with growing competitive pressure to offer innovative services to their customers, and deployment of secure applications addresses this issue directly. By supporting the GSM market, the product provides Diversinet with a large base of potential new users of its security solution, with a total of 330 million GSM devices currently deployed. Diversinet's security infrastructure provides end-to-end (client-to-application) security for applications that require strong authentication, encryption and digital signatures in order to conduct business transactions in a completely secure environment that mirrors the security models being used in the bricks and mortar world today.

"Diversinet is a leading company developing end-to-end security solutions in the wireless PKI space, and the agreement with Gemplus supports our position as a leader in providing PKI technology for the constrained-device environment," said Nagy Moustafa, President and CEO, Diversinet. "This product will add another channel for Diversinet to offer total solutions for operators."

"We are pleased to announce the first step of a relationship with Diversinet," said Philippe Martineau, Vice President, Wireless Business Strategy at Gemplus. "As the number of m-commerce applications being deployed continues to expand, mobile operators will need to offer high value transaction based services that are both attractive and capable of offering maximum return on network occupancy, without sacrificing security."

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