Dynamic Mobile Data and LogistiCare Create New Benchmark for Wireless "On-Time" Services in Transportation Management

LogistiCare -- the national leader in non-emergency medical transportation management --has chosen Dynamic Mobile Data, Inc.'s Network Operations Center (NOC) and MobileDispatch.com(TM), the Web version of DMD's MobileDispatch(TM) software, to strengthen its current market leadership and expand into additional transportation markets.

Using MobileDispatch(TM) will allow LogistiCare to create a new benchmark for reliability and efficiency of "on-time" services, and create ripples into other markets that rely on real-time communication, both companies said.

MobileDispatch(TM) is a cutting edge wireless dispatch application that enables time sensitive, two-way communication and status tracking over the Internet for companies dependent on the mobile efficiency of their field forces. The Web version of MobileDispatch(TM) allows transportation management companies, fleets and customer service centers to move to wireless, computer-aided dispatch using a simple Web browser and Internet connection. The software resides on a server maintained by the DMD NOC and can be accessed at http://www.mobiledispatch.com.

LogistiCare, which is based in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, tapped MobileDispatch(TM) because of the wireless application's unmatched capability of tracking and communicating with a mobile workforce. Another advantage, according to LogistiCare, is the application's ease of use.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure the on-time arrival of our clients," said LogistiCare President and CEO John Shermyen. "MobileDispatch(TM) will make our system that much better by providing real-time communication between our dispatch center and drivers, and by making it possible for us to pinpoint the precise location of vehicles through the service's GPS capabilities."

"We also very much like the fact that there is no need to purchase proprietary equipment or software," Shermyen said.

LogistiCare will use MobileDispatch(TM) to help manage transportation services for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Para transit riders throughout Washington, DC and parts of Virginia and Maryland. The agreement involves the management of seven different transportation providers comprising 125 vehicles and will result in an estimated 430,000 passenger trips by year's end.

"Complementing its current technology with MobileDispatch(TM) will enable LogistiCare to solidify its position in its current vertical market and successfully enter other similar transportation markets," said DMD President and COO Chuck Feldman.

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