eXcelon Corporation Extends Business-to-Business Ecommerce to Wireless Devices

WAP and WML support enables remote users to participate in business processes through mobile phones and handheld devices

eXcelon Corporation (Nasdaq:EXLN), a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) infrastructure solutions, today announced it has added wireless capabilities to its B2B Integration Server and B2B Portal Server products through support of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Wireless Markup Language (WML). By adding wireless support to its B2B solutions, eXcelon delivers true B2B collaboration, enabling organizations to conduct business with any partner, regardless of location or time of day.

By adding WAP and WML support to its product line, eXcelon provides organizations with the ability to extend B2B partner networks to mobile phones and wireless devices. With wireless capabilities, remote employees and partners can participate in cross-company business processes -- such as placing orders, approving purchase orders and performing credit checks -- as if they were working in the office. As a result, business transactions are completed quicker, helping an organization and its network of partners become more responsive and efficient.

"Successful B2B implementations help organizations become more flexible, more efficient and more profitable," said Larry Alston, chief technology officer and vice president of product strategy at eXcelon Corp. "By incorporating wireless support into our B2B product line, eXcelon further extends the B2B infrastructure to include employees, partners, suppliers and customers not directly connected to the partner network. As a result, business transactions can be completed even faster, and remote users can constantly be connected to live business information."

"Using eXcelon's B2B technology, we've built a wireless handheld system that enables physicians to easily access clinical information systems and conveniently communicate with a wide range of Internet trading partners," said Lance Baldo, MD, co-founder of MedCompanion. "eXcelon's support for wireless enabled us to create a system that frees physicians from the desktop."

Extending B2B Partner Networks to Mobile Users

eXcelon B2B solutions empower organizations to join business processes with their partners over the Internet. By combining business processes, organizations and their partners form a flexible, efficient trading network that reduces the need for inefficient forms of communication such as fax, phone, email and postal mail. By streamlining operations across companies, an organization and its partners gain access to new markets, increased revenue, greater operational efficiency and end-to-end visibility and control of business operations.

Support for the Wireless Application Protocol enables eXcelon solutions to exchange business information with wireless devices. Support for the Wireless Markup Language allows business information to be presented in a format easily viewed on small devices such as mobile phones and handheld computers. As a result, an organization can create an automated business process that involves live interaction from a remote user, such as approving a purchase order or placing an order for a customer.

By keeping remote users connected to business processes, organizations complete business transactions faster, orders are shipped on-time and customers receive better service. In addition, as a B2B network grows to include more partners, organization can deploy custom wireless capabilities designed to fit the needs of the specific supplier, partner or customer.

For more information on eXcelon Corporation and its line of dynamic B2B products and services, visit www.exceloncorp.com or call 1-800-706-2509.

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