fusionOne Announces Enhanced Phone Sync Capabilities - Delivering Over-the-Air and Cable-Based Syncing To Millions of Mobile Phone Users Worldwide

New Technology Expands Syncing to More Than 150 Phone Configurations

fusionOne (www.fusionone.com), a leader in the development of next generation Internet synchronization technology, today announced the immediate availability of its wireless phone synchronization service and the company's new cable-based phone sync solution, fusionPhone(TM) for Windows(R). With the introduction of these two mobile phone features, fusionOne enables its users to seamlessly sync address book entries from a desktop PC, PDA or favorite Web application directly into a mobile phone - both wirelessly and otherwise.

fusionOne's wireless synchronization service enables users to enter a new number - either in their desktop PIM, the address book in their handheld device, or even their favorite fusionOne-enabled online address book, such as Snap.com - and that number will instantly be updated in their mobile phone. Unlike competitive offerings, fusionOne's wireless syncing requires no third-party software or cabling. All syncing is automatic and wireless via SMS (Short Messaging Service). In order to use this service, users must subscribe to SMS (also known as text messaging or PCS/Wireless Email) from their wireless carriers.

fusionOne's wireless synchronization is currently available in more than 140 mobile networks such as Pacific Bell and Vodafone, in 65 countries and is supported by Nokia GSM phones. More than 250 million mobile GSM subscribers will be able to use fusionOne's free synchronization service wirelessly and fusionPhone(TM) supports more than 150 different phone configurations, from manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and Alcatel.

"fusionOne is taking mobile phone synchronization to a whole new level by supporting cutting-edge technology such as over-the-air sync, while also supporting hundreds of legacy phone models through our new fusionPhone cable-based sync," said Rick Onyon, president and CEO of fusionOne. "Never again will a user need to manually enter new numbers into their phone. With fusionOne, you can sync all your numbers from any address book - instantly and automatically."

fusionOne's fusionPhone(TM) for Windows(R) expands the company's synchronization service to a much broader base of phone models and configurations. fusionPhone is a PC-based solution that allows users of Personal Information Management tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express to synchronize names, phone numbers and calendar events between their desktop computers and mobile phones via cable, infrared port or GSM data card.

fusionPhone integrates seamlessly with fusionOne's recently announced Internet synchronization service which allows users to keep all of their personal information in sync between various computing and communication devices such as PC, Palm, mobile phones and favorite portal sites.

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