Greenebaum Doll & McDonald Goes 24/7/365 With Blackberry Wireless Email Solution

The law firm of Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC announced that it is equipping all of its 170 lawyers and its senior administrative staff in the firm's six offices with the BlackBerry(tm) wireless email solution from Research In Motion Limited (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSE: RIM). The BlackBerry will provide all the firm's attorneys with continuous, real-time, secure, mobile access to the firm's email, contacts, calendars and task lists, making professionals and staff accessible to clients and others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

"BlackBerry's wireless email will permit Greenebaum Doll & McDonald to enhance our already high standards of client service. We are the first firm in our region to adopt and implement an 'Always On, Always Connected(tm)' solution for email availability," said Rick Anderson, Chairman of the firm's Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer. "Equipping all our professionals and senior staff with the BlackBerry makes good business sense for us and our clients. Our practice moves at ever-increasing speeds because our clients' businesses are doing the same. BlackBerry wireless email will keep our lawyers in constant communication with our clients, the firm and other professionals. It will provide clients with one more avenue for communicating with us any time they choose to do so, wherever we are. Our BlackBerry wireless email, coupled with portable phones and voice mail put us in constant touch with our clients, no matter where we are. We had four requirements for a device: it had to be very small, simple to operate, practical, and economical. The Blackberry, about the size of a credit card, fills the bill beautifully. If I am traveling, I can review and respond to email, just as if I were in my office. The device puts us in constant, real-time communication with our clients and others, even when we are at a remote location. Clients demand - - really take for granted - - this type of access today, and we are pleased to be the first in our region to make the investment to facilitate that access."

Research In Motion's BlackBerry solution includes a powerful wireless handheld with integrated email/organizer software, PC docking cradle, specialized desktop and server software, single mailbox integration with Microsoft Exchange(R) and flat-rate nationwide airtime. It features end-to-end security whereby all firm email remains encrypted at all points between the desktop PC and the BlackBerry Handheld, meeting standard corporate security guidelines. The "push model" of email delivery that BlackBerry provides does not require the user to dial-in or initiate the connection, so users receive notification as a new email arrives and can respond immediately.

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