HitHive, Inc. Announces WAP Service for Music

First Service to Provide Anywhere, Anytime Access to Digital Music Collections

HitHive, Inc. a leading provider of online Music Management Services introduces a new WAP application to its line of music infraservices.

The Mobile Music application is the first of its kind to allow wireless service providers to deliver music services to their customers. Consumers will now be able to use their wireless phone or PDA to listen, share and manage digital music collections. IDC predicts there will be over one billion wireless Net users by the end of 2004.

"A generation of consumers is learning to use their music collections through the Internet. HitHive has created an infrastructure with unique features that allows them to use their wireless devices to listen to music," said Mark Tucker, CEO, President and Co-founder of HitHive, Inc. "Our WAP music application is yet another way we help our business partners create additional revenue streams, strengthen their market position and increase customer loyalty."

The private-labeled Mobile Music service will bridge the gap between the Internet, WAP and MP3 player technology. Users will be able to view their music collections, listen to music, create play lists, share songs and purchase music via their wireless devices. HitHive's infraservice was created to give consumers anytime, anywhere access to their digital music collections, simulating a virtual CD case. The Mobile Music service is available to businesses now and should be available to consumers in Q3 of 2000.

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