i2Go, Creator of the eGo, Expands Its Mobile Interactive Platform, Enabling Media Companies and Consumer Electronics Companies To Enhance Wireless Offerings

i2Go Infrastructure Allows Businesses to Target Mobile Consumers Through Highly-Personalized, Interactive Audio Programs

i2Go, a leading developer of technology for mobile audio, announced today that it will deliver rich audio content to wireless devices through its versatile infrastructure, the Intelligent Interactive Audio Platform. This technology enables companies to move into the rapidly expanding Internet audio market by delivering content, e-commerce programs, and preference-based programming to mobile consumers on a wide array of devices.

i2Go will build on its pioneer status in the mobile Internet market by deploying its platform among best-in-breed businesses, such as media companies and consumer brands, that want to harness the power of the growing Internet audio market. The wireless Internet is becoming more pervasive, and the i2Go Network gives businesses a better way to communicate with customers through rich audio media, downloaded to any mobile device, at any time.

"The i2Go Network truly takes advantage of the ability to receive rich audio information while mobile, and the Company is excited that major media companies are making their rich media content available to any wireless device," said Sam Johnson, i2Go Founder and CEO.

"Companies can also use the i2Go platform to tap into the mobile e-commerce market," Johnson said. "i2Go will be the leading infrastructure enabler behind the self-serve audio market for wireless devices because it has created the ideal, turn-key offering for any media or consumer brand company that wants to attract and retain customers."

For large consumer brand companies, i2Go provides a co-branded Web portal so they can stay in touch with their consumers and employees while on the go. These businesses will use the i2Go platform to implement highly effective marketing programs, enabling them to lower their cost of acquisition while staying connected to their customers.

For consumer electronic device manufacturers, i2Go provides software that makes their mobile devices capable of interacting with rich audio content from the i2Go Network, increasing the devices' utility. "Consumers are not just going to listen to audio content in the future," Johnson noted. "They will demand devices capable of delivering the interactive i2Go experience."

Through the i2Go Network :

-- Consumers will create their own highly-segmented, personalized audio programs with i2Go tools, becoming "the producer" of their listening experience while on the go.

-- Consumer brand companies can increase customer loyalty and retention in addition to developing new and highly effective marketing programs to attract new customers to their products and services.

 --  Media companies can now deliver audio content to any mobile device, via an effortless turn-key approach. This new distribution channel provides additional revenue opportunities through advertising and mobile commerce.

--  Consumer electronics companies can utilize i2Go's software and service offering to enrich the utility of their devices by providing an interactive experience to their mobile consumers.

"Through our success with the eGo, we recognized the huge potential for mobile audio delivery," Johnson said. "The platform that delivers the content to the eGo will be packaged as a unique tool for companies to easily provide custom audio content through mobile devices to their customers and create an interactive listening and buying experience. The era of customers having the freedom to listen to anything they want at anytime or anywhere has arrived."

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