IncTools to Accommodate Wireless Application Protocol

IncTools announced today that its suite of convenience and communications program for small business is now compatible with wireless application Protocol (WAP) enabled devices.

This development will enable subscribers to access their calendars and message information and send and receive e-mail wirelessly via cell phone, pager or Palm-type devices.

John Mix, Chief Technology Officer of IncTools Communications, said that despite the young nature of WAP technology, it provides the wireless access to Internet information, which is important to small businesses. "IncTools is an ideal environment for these transitional devices," he said. "They are all designed to do something else, so their Internet capability is somewhat limited by screen size and input devices. IncTools takes most of the work away from these devices, letting the user communicate with his own information and obtain it quickly and with little learning requirement." Mix designed the IncTools program, which allows small businesses to cheaply and quickly have a comprehensive intranet capability via an accessible Internet connection.

"Today, an IncTools subscriber can use a WAP-enabled cell phone to make a one-button connection with his IncTools information on the internet; he can even reply to e-mail with the alpha keys on the phone," Mix said.

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