Incorporates Wireless Technology Into Product Offering; Cell Phones, Pagers, PDA's Supported, Corp. (Nasdaq: INSI), a provider of Internet-based and on-site solutions for statement/bill presentment services and digital document storage, workflow management, and electronic commerce, Tuesday announced it has incorporated support for wireless technology into its application service provider (ASP) offering using the wireless access protocol (WAP).

The wireless feature supports cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), including the Palm(TM) VII, pagers, and other similar wireless devices. This important enhancement will allow end users to access InfiniteSpace's data centers and its document archiving and electronic statement presentment (ESP) services using wireless devices, creating the basis for mobile commerce (M-commerce). M-commerce is the name given to e-commerce, utilizing wireless devices, which are location-independent.

According to and Chairman and CEO E. Ted Prince, Ph.D., "WAP is rapidly becoming an accepted means of Internet access, particularly in Europe and the Far East. The incorporation of this feature establishes our M-commerce effort and maintains our commitment to cutting-edge technologies. As more and more end users begin to take advantage of wireless technology, InfiniteSpace will be well-positioned to meet their needs."

Companies can use InfiniteSpace's wireless access capabilities to deliver a secure wireless e-mail notification to their customers' handheld wireless devices, equipped with the Palm operating platform, like the Palm VII or to a WAP-enabled cell phone. The user can then connect to the Internet via the wireless device to view all the documents available to that particular user, as well as use all the other features the user would otherwise avail themselves of, via a normal browser interface.

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