IntelliGolf v5.0 Ships for the Handspring Visor

Karrier Communications, leaders in sports enhancing software, today announced the shipment of IntelliGolf(R) version 5.0 for the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM) (NASDAQ: HAND).

The new IntelliGolf Springboard(TM)-compatible module plugs into the Visor's expansion slot to add golf scorecard capabilities to the Visor. Rather than use traditional pencil/paper golf scoring methods, golfers can now use IntelliGolf to automate `on course' golf scoring, track wagers using popular 24 sidegames (e.g. Skins), keep caddie-style notes, track shots by club, collect over 250 golf-related statistics and access over 8,500 signature courses on the Visor. IntelliGolf for the Visor is immediately available from resellers listed at Suggested list price $39.95.

"We have been working towards the goal of including all five S's of golf (scoring, statistics, sidegames, shot tracking and signature courses) into IntelliGolf for over three years." said Craig A. Schmidt, president of Karrier Communications. "We are pleased to make these new features available on a Springboard-compatible module for Visor owners worldwide."

IntelliGolf Product Overview

IntelliGolf has been available for Palm Computing and Microsoft Windows CE handhelds since 1997. During that time IntelliGolf has been purchased by customers in over 70 countries worldwide.

The new IntelliGolf v5.0 module for the Handspring Visor includes:

-- Automated golf scoring;

-- Performance statistics and graphs;

-- Shot tracking by club and distance;

-- Drive, approach, chip and putt tracking;

-- Course, hole and round notes capabilities;

-- Twenty-four popular wagering games (e.g. Skins);

-- Unlimited custom wagering for your special sidegames; and

-- HoleView(TM), ScorecardView(TM), and WagerView(TM) display systems.

In addition, Visor customers are entitled to a free download of IntelliGolf's v5.0 Windows-based desktop software. This software complements the IntelliGolf for the Visor module and includes:

-- IntelliCap(TM) handicap approximator;

-- Historical tracking for all Rounds played;

-- Scorecard printing plus web-based display;

-- IntelliCourse(TM) access to +8,500 scorecards;

-- HTML and XML export file capabilities, and

-- Game-improving statistics in 250 categories.

IntelliGolf for the Visor comes complete with all Handspring Visor-, Windows- and conduit-compatible software for synchronizing a Handspring Visor to Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000-based PCs.

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