Katrillion Media, Inc. Goes Wireless

Katrillion Media, Inc. (www.katrillion.com), a vertical teen portal featuring original content updated daily and written solely for teens, announced today the launch of a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) platform. This new service allows users to have instant access to the site, by simply typing "katrillion.com" on their web-enabled cell phones.

Katrillion targets Generation Y, 12-19 year-old boys and girls who comprise one of the fast-growing consumer groups, estimated to eventually reach 72 million. According to a recent teen lifestyle study, 20 percent of teens own mobile phones and 18 percent plan to purchase one in the next year.

"The typical Gen-Y teen needs to feel plugged into their world at all times, via the Internet or mobile technology," says Karen Eisenbud, president and CEO of Katrillion. "Katrillion is the first to realize that teens want more than just a place to chat or e-mail, they want to be informed and want to know what's going on in the world as it pertains to them. Now they can keep up with the status of Eminem's arrest, trade agreements with Sammy Sosa, or even their horoscope from wherever they are, at any given time, every single day."

Teens will now have mobile access to all that Katrillion offers online--up to the minute, breaking national, international and entertainment news including TV, movie and music reviews, sports coverage, daily horoscopes, celebrity interviews, and advice.

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