m-Commerce Initiative Launched By InstantService.com and MobileUSA.com

Live Interaction for e-Commerce Sales and Service Anywhere

Mobile commerce (m-Commerce), the ability to perform eCommerce customer sales and support activities outside the boundaries of the physical office, was announced today by InstantService.com(TM) and MobileUSA.com(TM).

Agents, sales executives and customer support personnel are no longer restricted to their desks according to the m-Commerce initiative. Live, human interaction is now available from anywhere at anytime through m-Commerce.

"People are no longer bound to their desks. The ability to service your eCommerce customers from anywhere and at anytime is at the heart of our m-Commerce initiative," said Al Dautorio, president of MobileUSA.com. "InstantService is the leading service for providing live, human interaction to your web customers, and the only one offering built-in wireless communication capability. The ability to provide eCommerce customer service and sales no matter where you are will change the meaning of web sales and customer service. "

InstantService(TM) offers live, on-line text chat and content push, along with the integration of e-mail management, Voice-Over-IP, ACD/CTI, CRM Back-ends and a variety of other technologies. The m-Commerce initiative allows these offerings over the wireless internet. The wireless internet provides for comprehensive connectivity with no loss in performance or functionality.

"The company as the contact center has been our mantra since we started. We believe that our service allows everyone in a company to talk with the appropriate people coming to their web site. Our m-Commerce initiative proves our concept," said Mike Lande, CEO of InstantService.com. "Now everyone can access our human interaction capability as an essential component of their customer service and customer communication strategy from the outset. We see this as the emerging model for successful business-to-business eCommerce companies. No one else can deliver m-Commerce and we are very proud to pioneer the technology along with MobileUSA.com."

MobileUSA.com delivers fully mobile laptop solutions to its customers. MobileUSA is a productivity tool for any mobile worker who needs to complete mission critical tasks while away from an office or base of operations. MobileUSA.com is a Wireless Data ISP partnered with AT&T Wireless Services, other data networks and various OEM's. MobileUSA is also an integrator that specializes in pre-configuring computer Notebooks & Handheld PC's so they are wireless enabled upon delivery to the end user.

InstantService offers live online interaction and facilitates customer acquisition and retention by enabling companies to conduct text-based chat sessions and push topical content to customers in real-time. InstantService technology is delivered over the Internet via the ASP model, eliminating the need for eCommerce companies to purchase, install and maintain hardware or software on site.

A site visitor can access the InstantService application at any time from anywhere - even through mobile connections, corporate firewalls and proxy servers - using any standard, Java-enabled web browser. Agents can select a specific customer from the queue to initiate an InstantService session, manage up to five sessions simultaneously, and transfer a session to another department or agent in real-time. During an InstantService session, agents can answer questions and serve as online tour guides by pushing web pages and other content to the visitor's desktop. To speed interaction, companies can build Response Libraries of pre-defined content that are organized under separate tabs for URLs, Text and Files in the agent interface. Account setup, customization and reporting are managed through the InstantService online Account Administration interface.

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