Partners With to Deliver Wireless E-mail Access to United Kingdom Customers

Partnership Allows Users in the UK to Send and Receive Filtered E-mail Messages Using Mobile Handsets, Inc., (NASDAQ: MAIL) a leading global provider of Internet messaging services for businesses and consumers, today announced it has partnered with, a leading provider of two-way wireless Internet messaging products and services for wireless carriers. The partnership will allow users in the United Kingdom to send and receive filtered e-mail messages using wireless handsets. Bulletinmail customers will also benefit from having a fully functional Web-based e-mailbox powered by Under the terms of the agreement, will generate revenue through per message usage fees.

"We believe that the traditionally separate worlds of wireless and Internet are rapidly merging," noted Sam Kline, Chief Operating Officer. "Because understands the wireless landscape and the variety of protocols in place worldwide, we are developing a technology-independent solution, in partnership with Our combined solution is compatible with a wide variety of protocols including WAP (wireless application protocol) and SMS (short message service). iMODE, which is widely used in Japan will be available shortly. is committed to extending the reach of our customers desktop e-mail to any wireless device."'s new wireless service will enable UK users to decide how they would like to receive their e-mail messages on their wireless device. Users will be able to choose their own e-mail filtering options such as by sender, urgency and time of day. Through's relationship with Vodafone (NYSE: VOD), the UK's most popular mobile phone network, GSM Vodafone mobile subscribers will have access to additional features like single button reply, the ability to access full e-mail messages and the option to forward an e-mail to fax.

"'s enhanced wireless product offering combines's cutting-edge wireless technology with's ubiquitous WebMail to provide our UK users with the most reliable e-mail service anytime, anywhere from their wireless device or from their PC. This initiative is consistent with's continuing mission to provide a wireless solution as part of its one-stop messaging services to all of its users," added Kline. and are poised to take advantage of the growing wireless market because of the widespread use of SMS technology in the UK and throughout Europe. The UK represents one of the highest mobile phone market penetrations in the world, approaching 50%. The number of e-mails sent and received in the UK has doubled in the last year. The UK also continues to represent one of the largest sources of new customers for

"Because e-mail is the preferred form of communication in today's marketplace, this is a truly valuable service. Both and BulletIN clearly understand people and are dedicated to helping to change their lives in a positive way," said Mike Holland, Managing Director. "Today you don't have to be connected to a computer to read your e-mail. Our combined service essentially frees you from your PC."

Marlin Nelson, President, Inc., said, "The convergence of the Internet and wireless is the most exciting opportunity in telecommunications this decade. The capability to provide customers with their e-mail and information content on a mobile device will dramatically change the efficiency of the work place and the individual's life. and are among the first to provide a customer with access to their e-mail while away from the desk. This will be a life-changing event for the industry and these customers. We are extremely proud that has chosen to be its wireless strategic partner."

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