Matsushita Joins SyncML as Sponsor to Promote World's First Data Synchronization Protocol

Sponsorship From Global Wireless Leader Extends SyncML's Influence in Asia

The SyncML initiative, founded to define a common protocol for synchronizing all devices and applications over any network, received a further boost recently when Matsushita joined as its 9th sponsor. Matsushita, also known as the maker of Panasonic devices, joins the current sponsors Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Inc., Psion PLC and Starfish Software.

The SyncML initiative was formed to develop and promote an open industry specification to enable the creation of a new generation of interoperable wireless and wireline data synchronization products. SyncML-compliant products and services will provide synchronization across corporate servers, web servers, personal computers, laptops, PDAs, handheld computers, mobile phones and other mobile devices, regardless of platform or manufacturer.

"We have been working closely with Matsushita from the beginning of the SyncML initiative and are happy to announce their official sponsorship", said Ilari Nurmi, Vice Chairman of the SyncML initiative. "Matsushita is a leading player in the global marketplace. Their sponsorship illustrates the universal support that the SyncML protocol is gaining and this is tremendous news for both business and consumers."

"Matsushita works across hundreds of industries globally so the development of industry standards is extremely important to us", said Eiichiro Murata, Director Member of The Board from Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. "Implementation of the SyncML protocol will greatly simplify the interoperability of all products and will be a very useful and important element in the creation of mobile multimedia applications in the future."

Products and services featuring the SyncML protocol will provide users with up-to-date access to information stored as various data types and in various forms including calendars, to-do lists, contacts, and more - regardless of which device or which applications they use.

SyncML is designed specifically to overcome the constraints imposed by the wireless environment. Minimizing the use of bandwidth, SyncML can deal with the special challenges of wireless synchronization such as relatively low reliability of the connection and high network latency. In addition, SyncML enables synchronization over fixed networks, infrared, cable connections and Bluetooth.

Companies may obtain early access to the specification and participate in the SyncML initiative by becoming a supporter free of charge at Becoming a supporter gives companies the opportunity to review and comment upon the specification and access to other documentation available only to members. To date, SyncML has over 250 supporters, commanding strong support from the leaders of the telecommunications and information technology industries.

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