MobileSys Joins Wireless Application Protocol `WAP' Forum Company to Extend WAP Support to Enterprise Customers

MobileSys(TM), Inc., a leader in global wireless solutions for the enterprise, today announced its membership in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum. Through this membership, MobileSys demonstrates its support of an open, global specification empowering users of wireless devices to easily access and interact with Internet and intranet information and services.

MobileSys is uniquely positioned to support enterprise organizations with a worldwide wireless data solution that eliminates the risks, accelerates the time-to-market, and simplifies the management issues associated with creating and managing a global wireless data network. By expanding its offerings to include the WAP specification, MobileSys can continue providing high quality wireless data interoperability, compatibility and security between the enterprise, wireless carriers and mobile devices.

"As the acceptance of WAP specification accelerates around the world, enterprise solutions will play an increasingly critical role in delivering timely, mission-critical information wirelessly to mobile workers," said Scott Goldman, WAP Forum's CEO. "MobileSys' commitment to the WAP Forum demonstrates that they have recognized this need and are responding to it. We are delighted to have them join the WAP Forum."

WAP - Enabling the Wireless Internet

"The WAP Forum has developed the critical mass necessary to have a strong impact on the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet," said David Coelho, MobileSys founder and CEO. "We are committed to contributing our experience, among the other industry leaders who have pledged their support of WAP, to realize its potential for enabling the wireless Internet."

Wireless Application Protocol is a global specification that enables the presentation and delivery of relevant information and services to wireless subscribers. WAP defines user interface and infrastructure requirements to bring Internet content to handheld digital wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

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