Motorola Expands CreataLink Line With a Small, Low-cost Flex Protocol Receiver -- a Building Block for Wireless Messaging

Motorola (NYSE:MOT) is expanding its powerful CreataLink® line of remote control and monitoring modules with the CreataLink FLX receiver, a one-way messaging receiver that can be used in a wide variety of business applications, ranging from security to lighting and sprinkler systems.

Built on Motorola's FLEX® protocol, the worldwide de facto standard for high-speed messaging, the CreataLink FLX receiver works with existing nationwide 900 MHz networks and enables systems integrators and software developers to create new and innovative products that are highly versatile and cost-effective. The CreataLink FLX receiver is being offered without a housing and has been designed to occupy a small circuit board that can be easily incorporated into most industrial designs.

The CreataLink FLX receiver offers many features to enable one-way telemetry devices. It has an electronically tuned voltage controlled oscillator used for synthesizing frequencies in the 900 MHz messaging band. It has a built-in antenna that receives over- the-air FLEX protocol transmissions, then down converts them to FLEXStack™ data packets. It also includes an integrated ASIC that processes the FLEX transmission signals. A 14-pin surface mount connector provides DC power and serial port connections for communication between the receiver and FLEXStack capable microprocessors. The latest version of FLEXStack, which is the software that controls and processes data from the receiver, is available from Motorola's licensed chip manufacturers Toshiba and Hitachi.

Motorola is also offering a FLEX developer's kit which enables developers to translate FLEX messages into RS-232 data and view them on a Windows®-based PC using the included PageWatcher® software. PageWatcher software is available at website

"With Motorola's CreataLink FLX receiver, developers and integrators can now implement wireless control and monitoring solutions within their own applications and devices," explained Steve Kincade, Vice President, Wireless Advanced Messaging, PCS Americas Group, Motorola. "Because this advanced messaging module can be integrated within an array of industry and enterprise applications, the potential is dramatic. The CreataLink FLX receiver is an enabler for the creation of a remote control device to make monitoring and notification easier and error free."

Users can send messages to the CreataLink FLX receiver in several ways: via telephone, with a personal computer through the Internet or via Motorola's PageWriter® 2000X personal interactive communicator (PIC), Timeport® P935 PIC or Talkabout® T900 PIC.

One-way telemetry applications have been successfully implemented using the CreataLink one-way receiver, which operates on the POCSAG paging protocol network. The utility market uses the CreataLink control module for wireless connect and disconnect and the automobile industry for automobile tracking. Two-way messaging applications are possible through another product in the Motorola CreataLink wireless product family, the CreataLink® 2XT two-way data transceiver. The CreataLink 2XT receiver provides two-way messaging capabilities between devices and is used in applications such as cut-line detection for security systems, asset tag management and remote sensory notification.

Development order quantities of the CreataLink FLX receiver (part number REX4667A) and the FLEX developer's kit (part number RLN5049A) are available through Motorola's fulfillment center at (800) 422-4210. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) volume agreements are available through Scott Davis at 630-752-1239. Advisor Elite™ pagers, which are necessary to complete the developer's kit, are available through local carriers.

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