New Wireless LAN Access Point Lets Mobile Data Users Roam Anywhere and Stay Connected

Light-weight, low-cost unit lets offices add wireless benefits without the cost and complexity of mobile IP

Intermec Technologies Corp., a UNOVA Inc. (NYSE:UNA) company, today introduced a new wireless LAN access point that lets mobile computing clients roam anywhere throughout an enterprise without losing their network connection.

Intermec's 2102 Corporate Access Point operates with industry-standard IEEE 802.11b high-rate and OpenAir wireless technologies, supporting up to 11 mpbs data rates. With a sleek, professional design, the 2102 is targeted for office environments and weighs less than 8 ounces. Suggested retail price is less than $1,000.

"The 2102 is the latest in a family of high-performance wireless LAN products that are easy to install and manage," said Albert Baker, Intermec wireless product manager. "Together with our 2100 Industrial and 2101 Enterprise access points, the 2102 makes us a leader in the wireless networking revolution by providing the solutions our customers need regardless of the complexity of their networking requirements."

"For example, campus-sized wireless LANs have a complex network topology. In order to provide coverage to all users, the wireless backbone must support multiple sub-networks," said Baker. "In conventional wireless LANs, mobile users often have difficulty maintaining continuous, high-quality network connections when roaming."

To solve this problem, Intermec's family of access points offers fully integrated IP Tunneling, an enhancement that allows wireless LANs to span across multiple subnets. This feature lets users of wireless-enabled laptops and other mobile computing devices maintain a continuous, high quality network connection while seamlessly roaming anywhere throughout the enterprise.

As an added benefit for network administrators, Intermec's wireless LAN access points automatically track and connect roaming clients without the cost and complexity of a dedicated mobile IP server or additional hubs and cabling. "Intermec's innovative design ends the cumbersome, user-table programming and setup, and eliminates what could become a single point of failure on a wireless LAN," added Baker.

"During the last 15 years, Intermec has installed tens of thousands of wireless networks world wide," said Baker. "Intermec's unique systems let administrators add wireless capabilities without the expense of extra hubs, servers or complicated wiring. With the new 2102 and Intermec's expertise, we are enabling offices to be part of the wireless revolution."

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