Nextcell Introduces Powerful 4-Watt Wireless Modem Integrated with GPS Capability

Nextcell, Inc., the wireless data solutions company, today introduced the Spider-4, an all-in-one, four-watt wireless modem with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) capability.

Designed to serve public safety, fleet management, automatic vehicle locator (AVL), telemetry and other telematics applications, Spider-4 provides superior transmission from remote or rural areas, delivering up to four watts of transmission power using an externally mounted cellular antenna.

Spider-4 is a simple-to-use, stand-alone modem requiring minimal support. It easily interfaces with all types of terminals, such as laptops, mobile display terminals or third party data acquisition devices. Weighing less than one pound, the Spider-4 modem is contained within a durable, rugged casing designed to withstand extreme vibrations and temperatures. Externally powered, Spider-4 automatically preserves the power source with its "intelligent power adapter" by shutting down after a specified time.

The Spider-4 has a list price of $575 and is available June 1. The optional GPS module is available for an additional $275 as a new order, or for $400 if ordered as an upgrade to an existing Spider-4. Based on the same cellular digital packet data (CDPD) technology as other Spider modems and appliances, the Spider-4 offers connection speed of 19.2 Kbps and standard CDPD security features such as network encryption and error correction for file messaging and transfers.

"The addition of the Spider-4 to Nextcell's product line of wireless modems and appliances demonstrates our continued commitment to develop the most powerful, cost-effective and convenient wireless data solutions for our customers," said Greg Yates, Sr. Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.

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