Nexterna Introduces Comprehensive Product Suite to Increase Productivity of Field Service Workforces

OptiSoft Field Services Edition bundles software, hardware, ASP services for transportation, utility, service industry clients

Nexterna (formerly AMCI), a leading provider of wireless data solutions, has announced the availability of OptiSoft(TM) Field Service Edition, a complete spectrum of wireless products and services designed to help clients extend the power and capability of their information systems to centrally-dispatched mobile workers such as field technicians.

"Wireless data communications for mobile computing is really poised to take off," said wireless analyst Andrew Seybold. "By the year 2002, we estimate the mobile U.S. workforce to number more than 67 million. Robust, end-to-end solutions like this which can seamlessly connect field workers and central offices, will be in tremendous demand."

"By providing quick response and flexible message options between the dispatch center and mobile workers, OptiSoft Field Service Edition will transform service vehicle fleets into Internet-enabled mobile offices," said Lynden L. Tennison, Nexterna CEO and President. "The benefits will enhance mobile resource management, improve fleet utilization and drive higher productivity for mobile workers without significant start-up costs or capital investment."

At the current time, OptiSoft Field Service Edition deploys five core components:

-- OptiPath(TM) is middleware messaging software that manages the

        wireless applications and networks to provide a seamless data
        communication link between an organization's host business
        application server and its geographically dispersed mobile
        network force. The data communication link can use a single
        wireless network or multiple wireless networks. In
        environments where the coverage of a single wireless network
        is insufficient, the middleware evaluates the immediate
        conditions affecting a message transmission and selects the
        most desirable network "least cost" path available using a set
        of configurable messaging rules.

   --  OptiTrac(TM) software provides location tracking for mobile
        resources. It integrates Global Positioning System (GPS) and
        Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies with wireless
        data communication technology to automatically collect vehicle
        tracking data, which is captured and transmitted via
        Nexterna's equipment.

   --  OptiMessage(TM) software is a two-way text messaging system
        that allows the central office and mobile field worker to
        communicate urgent and non-urgent information utilizing the
        appropriate communication path.

   --  ASP Services. The turnkey application service provider (ASP)
        model lowers upfront capital investment and IT staffing needs
        by offering integration of software, wireless messaging and
        computer hardware, consolidated air time and financing.
        Applications are hosted from Nexterna's 24 x 7 wireless data
        center in Omaha.

   --  Support Services. Nexterna provides a fully accountable,
        single-point-of-contact for implementation services, training
        and ongoing customer care.

These software solutions are deployed via Nexterna's ruggedized mobile communications platform, a Pentium-based computer mounted in the vehicle featuring Microsoft's NT Embedded (NTE) operating system, built-in wireless modems and a GPS receiver. They also offer various interfaces such as a traditional laptop computer, or a personal digital assistant (PDA) utilizing either the Palm or Windows CE operating systems.

It was also recently announced that Nexterna acquired Field Pro(TM), a field service management software organization. FieldPro will be integrated into Nexterna's OptiSoft Field Service Edition and will add significant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions such as management of incoming service calls, sales orders, technician dispatch, service agreements, inventory, parts logistics, invoicing and financials.

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